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When ever market declines sharply or moves up,  ask yourself this simple question, how many of them are out of business? Majority of  fund managers can't even beat the BSE Sensex or Nifty return every year.  Why is this?  Because we all like to be winners and we all love to join the crowd.  The System is much more than just a system for picking stocks.

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibility, but in the expert's mind there are few".   Simple Common Sense, Math, Timing and Trading Art  for making more profit!
Trading system is a set of rules that can be used to generate specific buy and sell signals.

A simple trading system can be based on a moving average crossover. You buy when prices rise from below to above the moving average line and sell when prices drop from above to below the moving average line. For short positions, you do just the opposite. You sell short when prices decline from above to below the moving average line and cover the short sale when prices move from below to above the moving average line.

 More complex trading systems can be developed using multiple moving averages, oscillators, Price Rate of Change, stochastic, relative strength index, moving average convergence/divergence  (MACD) or numerous other technical analysis techniques, either by themselves or in combination. A variety of price and time filters can also be used to enhance the reliability of signals and stop-loss rules can be incorporated to control losses.

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of a trading system, it is always a good idea to test it before actually investing money.

Smart Trading System Management:-
  • Written trading plan/ system that includes entry/exit procedures :- Timing

  • Position sizing

  • Investing in companies with solid fundamentals

  • A good Risk & Smart Money Management system.

  • Confidence of above.


There are 4 things that are essential to successful Trading & Investing: They are:--

Entry & Exit Procedure:-

Developing a trading system is a part science, and part common sense. Our goal is not to develop a system that achieves the highest returns using historical data, but to formulate a sound concept that has performed reasonably well in the past and can be expected to continue to perform reasonably well in the future. Learning the system is one thing, but getting inside the head of an experienced trader is another thing all together because mechanical trading system that has the ability to factor human judgment

We have realized that trading system should include Trading method  that meets following criteria.

The method must be conceptually correct.
It should have objective rules

It must provide you with a small "edge"

Most importantly the method must be able to manage the "Bad Tail"
One should formally test it with computer.
Evaluate the result.
 Position Sizing
True success as a trader is found by trading a system that has a positive expectancy and the use of position sizing (varying your bet size). Position sizing is the process of determining HOW MANY contracts to trade when your system gets a signal. The purpose of position sizing is to control risk and increase robustness through market normalization. In our opinion this is a critically important decision, just as important as the actual buy or sell itself. Unfortunately, most systems and testing platforms seem to ignore it completely  Recognizing when the market is set up for you to trade larger or smaller is typically your level of experience. From above things and with further detail understanding of each criteria you can believe why objective is better than subjective.
Fundamental and Technical:-

The Stock Trading and Investment System combines fundamental, technical and sector analysis.  We track around 200 carefully chosen high quality large cap companies, followed by  Growth Oriented stocks and Penny stocks.  We buy stocks based on a risk/reward ratio.  This insures minimal downside and best reward for your investment.  

Our members receive access to our active Intra Day, Daily, Weekly and Elliot wave analysis which contains all of our current stock picks.  We always have 10 - 30 stock picks in play at all times.  Each pick contains a date picked, price picked, a target price and our reason for selecting the stock.  Whenever new picks are added, we alert our members so they know exactly when to buy and exactly when to sell.  We pick stocks Online and at the end of the day so you can  rest assured to get the service on line and at the end of the day before you start to trade again in real time or for the next day.

Risk Reward Ratio:-

Using our system is expected to return 70% to 200% return a year and more beating almost all mutual funds with minimal risk!  Our holding time can be anywhere from 15 Minute to 6 months with an average holding time of 30 Minutes for Intraday, 10  for Days and 50 Days for weekly.( We have a track record of returning consistent profits every month.  Our current annual return pace is now 74.8%!  We pick over 200 stocks a year.)


Entering trades based on someone else's recommendation without understanding the system instills the trader with little or no confidence, and as a result they will make poor decisions in managing that position when the market gets volatile. Followers lead a life of reaction, not anticipation, which is what separates winning traders from losing traders. Unfortunately most sites don't even come close to touching upon these basic tenets.

From above things and with further detail understanding of each criteria you can believe why objective is better than subjective. Traders who are interested in taking the proper approach to trading will find our web site useful and insightful.

The only way to succeed at day trading & Investment is to either read everything you can on the subject, hook up with a professional level day trading firm and plan to spend  few thousand rupees as you learn the ropes of trading and Investment. Or you can shorten that time frame by mentoring with someone. Either way will require you to ultimately tailor your system to fit your personality. There are no short cuts in this business.

Give a hungry man a fish, and he will be hungry tomorrow; teach a hungry man to fish and he will sustain himself for a lifetime.