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In order to gain an edge over some of the smartest people in the world, you cannot trade generalities. You must step outside the box and think differently:

Learn about various courses and Discover extremely profitable trading method that tracks what the "smart money" professionals are doing. This is the inside edge you need to have to become a successful trader.

We have trained hundreds of traders, investors and brokers with the most effective and affordable education and knowledge that will let them trade intelligently and improve their chances of succeeding.
TRADING SIGNAL:-We have found that it is nearly impossible and not economical for a common man to keep track of all trading signal for all the stocks all the time. We therefore created a computer system to generate potential stocks. These potential stocks are then analyzed by selected few technical analyst with out greed and fear as per predefined systems in real time and at the end of the Day by comparing the weight of evidence and then bought to you as:-
Sr Stock Pick Analysis Sr Stock Pick Analysis
1 Instant Trade Alert 4 Futures & Option Strategy
2 Stock Pick Daily 5 Dynamic Portfolio Management
3 Stock Pick Weekly 6 Phone Consultancy
Monitor and Review:-System calculate the return on daily bases and  are further reviewed for corrective actions to continuously monitor the performance for better and higher returns. With availability of Internet, e-mail, SMS facility one can get the alert for consistent and better performance over a period of time.


Signals given below are indicative few of the trading system and should be used in combination with weight of evidence where ever applicable.Technical Analysis is more of an art than science and part common sense. Intraday trading system resembles the following however the parameters may vary.

Signal Name Open Position :New Buy Close Position: Sell
SMA 5 days SMA > 35 days SMA 5 days SMA <= 13 days SMA
MACD(1) 9 MACD Signal > 0 9 MACD Signal <= 0
MACD(2) (12ema - 26ema) > 9 MACD Signal

(12ema - 26ema) <= 9 MACD Signal

RSI (1) 7 days RSI > 21 days RSI 

7 days RSI > 35 days RSI

7 days RSI <= 14 days RSI
RSI (2) RSI Cross above30 up RSI Cross below 70,down
MFI 7 days MFI > 21 days MFI 7 days MFI <= 14 days MFI
KST(6,12,18,24) KST Cross 0 up ward,  KST  Cross  KST SMA 9 UP KST  Cross  KST SMA 9 Down
KST , Cross 0 down
Stochastic(1) 9 days %K <= 10
9 days %K <= 20 on UP trend

Use in traded market and for Trended market use it along with combination of averages and other indicators

9 days %K >= 70
9 days %K >= 80 on UP trend
9 days %K Cross blew 50.
Stochastic(2) 9 days %K < 80 and %D1 > %D2 9 days %K > 80 and %D1 <= %D2
OBV Avg(10) OBV > Avg(30) OBV Avg(10) OBV <= Avg(30) OBV

10 days CCI < -150

10 days CCI > 150
CCI(2) 10 days CCI < 100 and
Avg(10) CCI > Avg(30) CCI

Avg(10) CCI > Avg(50) CCI

10 days CCI > 150
Avg(10) CCI <= Avg(30) CCI
ADX(14) +DI Cross -DI UP and ADX >25 &Price is Greater Than 20 Days SMA -DI Cross +DI  UPADX >25     &Price is Less Than 20 Days SMA
ADX(14) +DI cross -DI  Upward -DI Cross ADX(14) Down

+-DI >40 and +DI Cross -DI Down

ROC(1) 10 days ROC > 20 days ROC 10 days ROC <= 20 days ROC
ROC(2) 20 days ROC > 30 days ROC 10 days ROC <= 20 days ROC
B.Band(1) Close <= 10 days lower Band.
close < 10 days upper band. and 10 days B.Band both up.
Close >= 10 days upper Band.
10 days upper B. Band down. 10 days Lower B. Band down.
B.Band(2 Close <= 20 days lower Band.
close < 20 days upper band. and 20 days B.Band both up.
Close >= 20 days upper Band.
20 days upper B. Band down. 20 days Lower B. Band down.
Patterns: Buy at double bottom Sell at Double TOP
Support & Resistance Buy at support Sell at resistance.
Volume Buy on increase of Volume and price during trend reversal. Sell on increase of volume and decrease of price during trend reversa
Elliot Wave Do remain long in Elliot Wave wave 3 and 5. Do not remain long after Impulsive 5 Wave is over
Top and Bottom Buy on Higher Top and Higher Bottom Sell on Lower Top and Lower Bottom
Trend Buy on Break out of Down Trend Line. Sell on break out of upper Trend line
Flag / Pennet Formation Go long and Cover long on achieving the target. Use for short with predefined target for cover
Channel Buy on upward cross over of the Down Trend Channel. Sell on downward cross over of the Up Trend Channel.
Time Frame 5-13 Day for daily Use combination of 5 & 13 Days for entry and exit Use combination of 5 & 13 Days Time frame for entry and exit
Keep stop loss at earlier bottom else at 2 - 4% of any trade.
Use combination of above for decisions making.
Always see the big picture
Use weekly chart to get movement for position Trading.
 Four Common Errors In Testing Trading Systems:
On Paper, if a trading system is successful when applied to historical data, it will generate profits under real market conditions, However in  reality, it doesn't always turn out that way, primarily due to incorrect assumptions being made during the testing phase. Four mistakes are frequently made when testing trading systems. Each can contribute to a distorted view of the true profitability of a particular trading system. They are
Transaction Cost:-Either no or an unrealistically low amount is factored in for commissions and slippage. Nevertheless, the more realistic you can be, the more likely it is that real-time trading performance will approach test results.

Time Period Tested:-To gain a true picture of the value of a trading system, it is important that you test it throughout a time period that includes all three types of price movement  up, down and sideways.

Trade Execution Price:-A second common mistake is the use of unrealistic buy and sell execution Tick prices.

Identifying the correct price for initiating a position based on a signal from a trading system is important. Many times, the following day’s opening price can vary greatly from the previous day’s closing price.

Intraday Price Chart:-For realistic results, one must use the Intraday chart to remove the volatility and price swing while demarking Buy / Sell signal.

It is a must to have a unit of measurement for the system we have defined above. For more information on the design, implementation and optimasation of the trading system and measurement do contact us.