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Morning Star
Stockleela Trading School has presented various Trading Educational courses to over hundreds of Traders, Investors, and analysts, including, by request, NRI, Brokers High net worth individuals.We are continually gratified by the letters and phone calls and good wishes from happy and satisfied student.Our Student are not only making money in the market, but they are looking to become independent. Below are just some of the few feed back recived to inspire you about the memories skill, art and knowledge they carry with them.
Morning Star
We can tell you that your chances for success in trading will be greatly enhanced-certainly you will find your trading is a lot more fun and potentially much more profitable!
"Very Informative and unique way of knowing about Stock Market; a field which is otherwise neglected. And yes, its all with personal attention."
Sourabh Harshad Mehta

"Very Informative - with the knowledge you get in the Class you can very well enter the market for trading with Confidence"

Mr. S. N Kulkarni, Retired Bank officer .

"After going through a Technical Analysis course for full one Month with Stockleela Trading School, I realized that up to that point I had never really been serious about my trading. Now I feel unstoppable!"
Mr. Pravan Kumar. Business Man

"Got New Things, Indicator, Discipline and my Technical view changed about Market"

Mr. Sandeep. Professeional Day Trader. PP Holding.

"Got Clear Idea about which shares to Buy & Sell. I never thought I will be able to learn Technical Analysis. Now There is a great change in my behaviour in Share Market"
Mr. Ranpise Abhijit. Charter Account.

“ Excillent Teacher"
Dr. Girish Shah., Professional Day Trader

"Wish Stockeela all the best . It is natural it will do well as one good deed begets another"

Mr. Rajaraman.

Very informative and precise explanation of termonology. The best after training aupport for actual market trading. Any time queries are clarified-The best Support.
Shridhar S. Mahangare.

Morning Star

"One of the Greatest luck and achivement of my life was to learn Technical Analysis from More Sir and Madam of Stockleela Trading School. They have given the right direction to achive definate success in Stock Market"

Mr. Pushpak Bagati, Nepal

"I'm convinced that being tutored by a personal coach is the most efficient way to help you artucliate and integrate the required skills for success. It helped me to Slash -Years of Learning curve, -Monetory loss and not to mention the -psychology damage. I have the confidence and gained the art of using various Technical Analysis Software to develop my own Trading Strategy."

"I have read many Technical Analysis Books and thought I had a good idea about candle charting, pattern and Indicator. However after attaining Technical Analysis Course my eyes opened! Thanks to Stockleela Trading School, I've developed a clear, systematic approach to trading that uses candle charts as the foundation."

"I always thought I was using indicators correctly, but my trading results were inconsistent. But after attaining the Training Course on Technical Analysis I know how to choose the right indicators. And it makes a huge difference in my profitability. Thanks to Stockleela Trading School"

Naninder Singh Hora

Morning Star

Very Informative, Now hence onward, I will not loose money, in the market,

Mr. Sachin Divase.

Best of Knowledge in this field you get here only !
Mr.Bhagyashree M. Mhere. (CA)
Very good Knowledge of technical analysis given to my wife who is C.A Student as well as I learnt a lot about analysis by reading and meeting with Sr. &Madam.
Miland D. Mhere.

I am in Stock Market Since last 10 Years but after coming to Stockleela my confidence has grown manifold it is worth learning Technical from Stockleela.
C.M.Parekh - (Diamond Marchent)

"I have learned so much. Now I hope it will be great start to my trading carrier with the help of more School of thoughts."
Mr. Suyog R. Ghodke( Gold Smith)

Morning Star






Morning Star