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Art of Analysis!


Knowing how to effectively use Technical Analysis Software can be workhorse behind your success. Course designed for the novice and the advanced user.

Come join us in class and let us save your hours of time, research, money and not to mention trial and error method to put you month ahead on the learning curve of Software understanding and art of analysis. This can save you from  countless hours of frustration and helps you to increase capability and better understanding of these softwares.

No Indicator is right all the time and you don't have to be right all the time. Just be right a higher percentage of the time than wrong.
Get to Know Your Software, Understand, Master and Explore the complete capability, to Make Better Trades !
Meet your Challanges with our knowledge and support.
Ever get the feeling that you are not fully utilising the power of your Technical Analysis software? Boost your knowledge and leverage the power of your Technical Analysis Software! Stockleela Trading School can provide you with expert training on how to maximise your investment returns and mirror a trading style around your personality and lifestyle. Get Tailor made personalised courses, with hands on training and expirence designed to take you through all aspects of your Technical Analysis softwares. It is now made offordable and is invaluable in order to take full advantage of the features of desired software given below:-

"A jewel unless polished will not sparkle" —Technical Analysis is a jewel. By helping you keep risks to a minimum and by increasing the probability of successful trades,Understanding, Mastering and Exploring the complete capability of the Technical Analysis Software will help your trading shine.

Knowing how to scan effectively is the most important skill any swing/position trader possesses. This is where the art of trading meets the science of trade management. Choosing which setups to take, and more importantly which to avoid is often what determines the difference between winner and loser. Take advantage of our training program, and learn to spot the hidden pattern flaws that will help you select the patterns with the best odds, and pass on those with a higher chance for loss.

Discover the Power of Your Technical Analysis Software
Boost your knowledge- Get the Art of Analysis and leverage the power of your Technical Analysis software!
Sr.  Real Time Analysis End of the Day Analysis Discription
1.  Iris  
Explore the capability of Real Time Analysis using Custom made Query,Event Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Alert and Queries to help you to take Right decision at right time.
2.    MetaStock Discover the Power of MetaStock to Make Better Trades! Learn :
  • How to make Layouts and Templates to manage your favorite charts.
  • How to apply indicator and create new one to your chart. Learn how to programatically write, format and display your own indicator and search and scan to find winning securities!
  • How to create and back test the winning trading system.
  • How to find trading opportunities across the entire market using the Explorer. Use the Explorer to scan your entire database for stocks that meet certain criteria.

Click for More Information.

3.    Advance Get A disciplined Technical approach aimed at your systematic and objective rule based Trading Tecnique.
Matching Traders Need:-

Most Traders trade as if they are going to trade forever with no review of the past, no real planning for the future, and minimial learning from past mistakes. It shows that unconscious mind does not have a motion of time deeply routed in the mistake.

Slash years of learning curve, unfolds important decession a serious trader should make to suit individual style, personality and investment philosophy that are crustial to determine what software combination and tools can match Traders need and explore it to the fullest extent. To name few we stress upon the following:-

About Software:-In Software Training course you will be trained to Know  more about Your Software! Understand, Master and Explore the complete capability of it. Each of the software available in the commercial market are a master piece. It is individuals capability to get maximum out of them as per the personality and style of trading.

Gain an insight as to how charts formations reflect the psychology of groups of people trading the markets

To take advantage of maximum capability of your software  and for Good  Analysis Practice we take you through learning process & stress more on the following:-

  • Brief Introduction to various Technical Analysis Softwares.
  • Analytical Capability of these softwares.
  • Computer Configuration requirement.

Hardware consideration.:-

  • Selecting Minimum basic Configuration which can provide reliable, high-performance computing solutions for running the desired Technical Aalysis software
  • Making use of the Duel Monitor card that will allow you to watch your charts on one screen, whilst at the same time, bringing up your brokers web site to make an order.
  • Importance of personalized support relationships for Software and Hardware maintence to help individual maintain the performance level of their system.
Manual or Automated Analysis:- With advant of computer, programmers directed their talents at writing programs designed to scan through the many thousands of stocks on the markets, electronically in search of the next winning company all in a minute.
  • Meta Stock allows flexibility to build their own systems.
  • Few of them have well defined system to scan the stock.
  • There are others who do not make known their analysis methodologies.

Buyer Beware with these programs! Here lies the traders skill to understand, judge, visualise and modify the system if any required to suit their personal trading style

Stockleela will take you through step by step process of understanding and independanentally implementing it, to suit individual style.


Time Frame of Analysis:- Time frame of analysis is a very personallised choice and solely depends upon time availability or current employment status of a trader. If currentally full time employed End of the Day Technical Analysis Software is an ideal choice.

Real Time analysis software is best suited to people who have the ability to sit in front of their computer during most of the trading day and apply full concentration to the markets. As you attain the Software Training course you shall be in a better position to use the respective Technical Analysis software to its full Power.

Secrurities Type.A trader is not limited to just Trading Stocks and has wide option to trade in: Equity Stocks, Options & Future. Traders are faced with high risk high return option. Get to know how you can use Technical Analysis Software to effectivelly trade these Securities.

Software Training:-Having grate software is not enough and may not help you in making money.What you also need is master the art of using the software and flexibility of viewing your charts your way.To name few
1. Training on the Tools:- Effective utilisation of the tools in the software.
2. Trading Tecnique :-Understanding Trading methodologies.

  • Valuable information on programing skill that will enhance your investing opportunities for life!
  • Learn exactly how professional traders discipline themselves, taking the emotion out of trading!
  • Two full days of exciting, powerful information

Personalised training courses can reduce the time for effective utilisation in, maximising profit and minimising the loss from month to days.It is difficult for a trader to master the art emidiatly, for them this cours helps to master and saves many hours of labour in daily analysis process.

Trading methodolgy refers to logics, descipline, emotions behind trading and help you make better informed trading decisions. At stockleela you will learn from others mistake and hopefully avoid you falling over these errors yourself . Stockleela focus on the following points.
• Trading Psychology
• Risk
• Money Management and Discipline.

Trading art and knowledge can slash years of learning curve to become effective trader.

Surviving as a trader requires the courage to see these obstacles as the element of the game so individual can play hands to win and recognizes the ability to adapt,adjustments and learn to handle stress your way. For professional/ Modern Traders, these changes are part of the excitement that makes the hard work worthwhile.

**Important Information for Investors & Traders
Who Don't Yet Own MetaStock **

If you don't have MetaStock yet, I highly recommend it. It's an incredible powerhouse of technical analysis tools that lets you chart and analyze the way that best suits your style.

It is the perfect platform for traders to capitalize on my propriety techniques with the benefit of automation that MetaStock offers. It's powerful, reliable, flexible, educational, and easy to use.

**Important Information for Online Traders
Who Don't Yet Own Iris **

If you don't have Iris yet, I highly recommend it. It has tremendus capability to handle realtime Data fpr Technical Analysis, Event Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Alerts and Queries which help trader take right decession at right time and analyze the way that best suits your style.

It is the perfect platform for Intraday Traders to capitalize on small gains again and again. It's powerful, reliable, flexible, educational, and easy to use.

**Important Information for Investors & Traders who belive in Objective rule based approach
Who Don't Yet Own Advance GET**

If you don't have Advance GET, and looking for one more edge with an objective based approach Advance GET can fulfill your needs. It's an incredible powerhouse of technical analysis with Elliot Wave Principle that lets you chart and analyze the way that best suits your style.

It is the perfect platform for traders to capitalize on Elliot Wave Objective rule based approach. It's powerful, objective based, reliable, flexible, educational, and easy to use.