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Best Charting Software!


MetaStock® has set the standard, in Technical Analysis software. It is a charting and powerful analysis tools which helps you take emotions out of your trading and in turn helps you to make better informed trading decisions. It is 9 times winner of Stocks and Commodities Reder's Choice Award for analysis software. Its features include -- Charting,Layouts,Templates,Indicators, line studies, Indicator building, System testing, Explorer, Expert Advisor. And Many More.

  Course Details.   Advantages of the Course.
  Introduction.   Course Syllabus.
Course Details
SR Study Mode Duration Course Fees Language Who can Attain Status Date Timing
1 Class Room 12 Hours Click Here English, Hindi Kannada & Marathi Basic Exposer to Stock Market and Knowledge of Technical Analysis Booking in Progress 18-19 Jan 2004 9AM --4.30PM
INTRODUCTION:-Ever get the feeling that you are not fully leveraging the power of your MetaStock® software? Want to boost your knowledge of the software and in turn, boost your trading results?
  • This personalised Software training guide will help you to master of all the features in MetaStock®
  • In this course you will be trained to Know  more about End of the Day Analysis. Understand, Master and explore the complete capability of it.
  • Gain an insight as to how charts formations reflect the psychology of groups of people trading the markets

    To take advantage of maximum capability of your software  and for Good  Analysis Practice we take you through learning process & stress more on the following:-


  • Brief Introduction to various Technical Analysis Softwares.
  • Analytical Capability of the software.
  • Computer Configuration requirement.
MetaStock End of the Day Technical Analysis Software
MetaStock® is the worlds leading investment and analysis software. It is  very powerful program that can analyze stocks and futures, which, offers a host of features including multiple securities and system back-testing to reduce risk. With availability of over 26 performance system and over 120 leading indicator  studies and more it has become the favorite of the analysts.

The Software Training Course designed to take you through all the aspects of this powerful technical analysis package  used by the novice and the advanced power user. Invaluable in order to take full advantage of the features of MetaStock®.Come join us in class and let us save you hours of time and money

If this is your first expirence with MetaStock, this course will help you start quickly and easily. If you have used this software before, this course is a good refresher course to learn more about Downloader,Programing knowledge on Expert Advisor, Indicator Builder, System Tester and Explorer.

You’ll learn:
Listed Below Are A Sample Of Features You Learn In This Workshop: 
1.  Introduction:-.
Detail Over view and introduction to Data file handling and trouble shooting of the operation, group creation, charts ,template handling, report generation, key board short cuts ,Query Programing and setting.
2 Determine which time frame to trade, so,  it suits your personality.
We will show you how to carry out the analysis at the end of the Day, Week, Month and Year by identifying your need  to suit your personality,  with investment objective of 1-20 Days and more.
3 Setting up your Charts so you can see what you need to see.
We will show you how to open right combination of chart windows with Indicator as per daily, weekly, monthly periodicity's  to gaze the price and volume break out.
4 Working with Drawing object  so you can transfer analytical ability into art of analysis.
Price move in trend. When one cycle ends another begins. We will teach you how to use drawing objects such as trend lines and Fibonacci Retracements, Channels, Support line, Vertical Line, Fibonacci cycles, Speed Lines, Price Extension, to help you visually identify price trends and indicator movements.
5 How and which MetaStock Indicators to apply and program one for yourself ?
Get to know right combination of indicator to apply and programatically write format and display them to suit your personality and trading style.
6 Working with  Price Scale. What difference it makes ?
With graphical interpretation,  we will show you Importance of arithmetic or logarithmic price scale so you can use the right one for analysis.
7 How can I develop, test, transfer Proven Trading Strategy in to automated Trading system?

You will learn how to devise a set of trading criteria with condition and back-test it on any stocks you wish. MetaStock allow you to develop and write a program or use existing system and transform, test Trading strategy on the graph showing indicators,oscillators, Signals so you can create your own and have road map for discipline and follow it with courage, faith, patience,  and fortitude.

8 How to make template with Indicators and Oscillators ?
We will show you how to make Template for end of the day analysis  as per right combination of indicators and oscillators.
9 Report Generation. How do I do it?

You will learn how to formulate end of the day report generation as per  right combination of conditions, Patterns , candle sticks and indicators.

  • From above you will  learn how to take shortcuts that will dramatically cut the time that you spend applying often-used indicators, candle stick, patterns to your charts. We'll even show you how to set parameters and inputs to the indicators.
  • This alone will save you untold hours of analysis and pain of spotting the scripts for explosive gains.
10 How can I learn and use the programing language?
We will teach step by step proceduce to understand the programing language , function used, logic applied for writing program.
11 What are Technical Query? How do I use it and  benefits from it?
You will Learn to combine indicators for getting a more accurate picture of what you are analyzing. You will also be taught how to formulate  Technical  Query and explore a database for specific technical factors. This will give you a list of high-probability trading  script to choose from.
12 What are the best setting for the software? and how should I set it right?
Analyst is not a different kind of person but every person is a different kind of analyst. It is his choice of software selecton and art of operating which defines the best setting for individual personality and you will learn and get it right at Stockleela Trading School.
Due to the technical nature of the material it is recommended that you take this course after the  Technical Analysis or Day Trading Course. Also Without a sound understanding of formula language basics,----------you/ we restrict your /our ======ability to fully utilize the software.
Course Content :-
1 Introduction:- Quick Overview of End of the Day MetaStock, advantage and key benifit of the course.
2 Data Structure:- Data Storage, Updation through Downloder and Manual Updation.
3 Types of Chart:- Importance of Smart Chart; and over view of differetrn types of Chart.
4 Chart Scale: Types of Scale and Where to use Log and Semilog scale ?
Inserting formatting mathemitical or Drawing Object. Display, remove and manageTool Bar.
Effective utilisation of space and managing analysis. Use of Courser select mode, Crossares, Trend line, Horizintel line, Vertical Line;Line Regression, Raff Regression Channel, Standard Error Channel, Standard Deviation Channel. Quadrant Line, Tirone Line, Trend Line by Angle, Speed Resistance Lines, Andrews Pitchfork, Cycle Lines, Propobility Cone, Use of Tex, Symbole Palette, Ellipse, Rectangle, Triangle, Fibonacci Arch, Fibonacci Fan, Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Time Zone, Gann Line, Gann Fan, Gann Grid. Inserting formatting mathemitical or Drawing Object. as given above.
6 Putting Indicator in Use Applying correct combination of Indicator Formatting it and Inserting and removing title bar.
7 Template Creation and Usage. Creating various template with right combination of Indicators and saving Template making a default Template bringing few on the tool bar etc.
8 Formating Layout Creating, Opening adding new chart to layout, saving the layout as template etc.
9 Working with Indicator.

An indicator is a mathematical calculation that can be applied to a security's price, volume or even to another indicator.

Software provides many pre defined built in indicators however as technical analysis is constantly evolving, you may have trading ideas with new indicator which is different from the existing one. To fully respect your trading ideas Software provides Indicator Builder, that lets you to create Custom indicators.

  • Get to know where to see & how to use Indicator Quick List.
  • Get to know how to plot indicator in a new inner window.
  • Get to know how to plot an indicator on an existing plot.
  • Get to know which Indicator need to be displayed in quick list.
  • Get to know how to create new Custom Indicator.
  • Get to know how to differenciate and plot custom Indicators.
  • And Many more
10 System Tester.

It inviolves creating, optimising and testing of trading systems to determine the systems' historical profitability to know how much money a trader would have made or lost with as per the defined system.

  • Get to visualise judge and list down creative ideas for trading system.
  • Get to know how to writing Trading system with your ideas.
  • Get to know how to put Buy Sell arrow on the graph and get the report.
  • Get to know how to work towards optimising the parameters to get better results.
  • Get to know how to compair Trading System.

Get to know how start,Make a new system, test it, display the report optimizing it and again testing to get report to put your ideas to test.

11 Explorer

Understanding and using existing Explorer. Creating new one running it on custom list etc. It perform a number of unique tasks, including comparing, filtering, listing multiple indicator values for multiple securities, ranking, searching, showing securities with current "buy/sell" signals, sorting, etc:-One can use it for

  • Get to Know which securities have just generated a "buy" (or "sell") signal
  • Get to Know Discover which securities have just crossed above their defined moving average on increased volume
  • Get to know the ranking list- Ascending / Descending as per defined parameters for six indicators.
  • Get to know selection and programing logic criteria for a combination of indicators.
  • Get performance report for all / defined list of Securities.

and Many More.

12 Programing for better analysis and flexibility

Get to understand logical and simple to use formula language basics of MetaStock to fully explore the functionaaties of the Programing aspects of the Software. Many of the advanced features of MetaStock require us to input security or indicator parameters prior to calculation.

  • Understanding Specific Price Fields on which the formula operates.
  • usage of + Addition, - Subtraction (or negative)
    * Multiplication / Division operators.
  • Understanding the sequence in which the operations are carried out.
  • Custom Indicator Creation with Moving Average and use of over 200 call Functions.
  • Use of Conditional Functions.

Programing language affords the greatest display and analysis flexibility to the end user, whil balancing this with an intuitive feature set objectivity.

13 Nature of Trading System

How to make simple and easy development of trading system ?

  • Get to know more check list, for optimizing.
  • Get to know number of trades and the effect of brokerage?.
  • Get to know about number of winning trades versus loosing trades.
  • Get to know the effect of Intrest rate on the Trading System.
  • Get to kniow how to take Trading System Report ?

And Many More.

14 Expert Advisor

Learn to create expert advisor by using the name of expert, Trend , Commentry, Highlight, Symbol and alert. It is a collection of powerful tools that keeps you informed of the current technical state of a chart by giving following information.

  • Get to Know the commentry.
  • Colour Highlight.
  • Get to see Decorated symbol at the bottom of the chart.
  • Get Alert / Pop up message.

And Many more as you visualize.

16 Risk and Money Management A must for any Software user,Technical Analyest, Fundamental Analyest. Though not a part of Software we highlight the importance of it in all our courses.
Become a Proude Owner of MetaStock with Technical cum applied knowledge of Software.
Course that includes program basic is conducted with over 16 Touturial and 18 Practical Examples.
Stockleela Trading School is not a Registered Investment Advisory service. Information given above and tought in the course / seminar/ online education are for educational purposes and are to be used at your own risk. Stockleela Trading School is not liable for the investment decisions you make based on information obtained from Training of the Software.