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IRIS is the leading REAL TIME Technical Analysis software from Spider Software Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. It is capable of handling both, end of day stock price information as well as real time price feed  from BSE and NSE

Data feed is available through Internet access through Proxy Server or Phone Line, Internet Account or through CTCL.

Course Details. Advantages of the Course.
Introduction. Course Syllabus.
Course Details
SR Study Mode Duration Course Fees Language Who can Attain Status Date Timing
1 Class Room 12 Hours Click Here English Hindi Kannada & Marathi Basic Exposure to Stock Market and Knowledge of Technical Analysis Booking in Progress 18-19 Jan 2004 9AM -4.30PM
INTRODUCTION:-In this course you will be trained to Know  more about Real Time Technical Analysis Software Iris! Understand, Master and explore the complete capability of it. It is individuals capability to get maximum out of them as per the personality and style of trading.

Gain an insight as to how charts formations reflect the psychology of groups of people trading the markets

To take advantage of maximum capability of your software  and for Good  Analysis Practice we take you through learning process & stress more on the following:-


  • Brief Introduction to various Technical Analysis Software.
  • Analytical Capability of the software.
  • Computer Configuration requirement.
Iris is a Real Time Technical Analysis Software  
IRIS is the leading technical analysis software from Spider Software Pvt Lt, Mumbai. It is capable of handling both, end of day stock price information as well as real time price feed  from BSE and NSE

Rarely you will find a professional trader without a Real time technical analysis software, if there are any it is time for them to look around and change. Not to mention IRIS has become the darling of the Professional trader and with the increase in Technical awareness and availability of Internet the demand for the software is increasing like never before.

Iris is powered with many online powerful tools for decision making when used correctly, but a lack of understanding of these fundamentals may at times limit your capabilities. At Stockleela Trading school you will learn through all these powerful tolls with logic and explanation and also  hands on experience to provide a solid base for more complex future explorations in real time.

You’ll learn:
Listed Below Are A Sample Of Features You Learn In This Workshop: 
1.  Introduction:-.
Detail introduction to Data file handling and trouble shooting of the operation, group creation, charts ,template handling, report generation, key board short cuts ,Query and setting
2 Determine which time frame to trade so  it suits your personality.
We will show you how to carry out the analysis in real time by identifying your need  to suit your personality  (intra day) from Intra day tick chart,  of 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour  and also from  Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly Chart's
3 Setting up your Charts so you can see what you need to see.
We will show you how to open Unlimited Chart with right combination of chart windows as per different script, user defined or pre defined Groups, Exchanges, intra day, daily, weekly, monthly periodicity's  to gaze the price and volume break out.
4 Working with Drawing object  so you can transfer analytical ability into art of analysis.
Price move in trend. When one cycle ends another begins. We will teach you how to use drawing objects such as trend lines and Fibonacci Retracements, Channels, Support line, Vertical Line, Fibonacci cycles, Speed Lines, Price Extension, to help you visually identify price trends and indicator movements.
5 Working with  Price Scale What difference it make?
With graphical interpretation  we will show you Importance of arithmetic or logarithmic price scale so you can use the right one for analysis.
6 How can I transfer Proven Trading Strategy in to  real time charts?
We will show you how to transform Trading strategy on the graph showing indicators and oscillators so you can have road map for discipline and follow it with courage, faith, patience,  and fortitude
  How to make template with Indicators and Oscillator?
We will show you how to make Template for on line analysis and for end of the day analysis  as per right combination of indicators, oscillators (from over 59 no's)  for a predefined time frame.
  Report Generation. How do I do it?
You will learn how to formulate Online  and  end of the day report generation as per  right combination of Tick Query, Alerts, Market Query, Event selector and Technical Query.
  • From above you will  learn how to take shortcuts that will dramatically cut the time that you spend applying often-used indicators to your charts. We'll even show you how to set parameters and inputs to the indicators.
  • This alone will save you untold hours of analysis and pain of shifting from one time frame to another and from one indicator to another without missing any movement of the scripts as per the Trading strategy formulated in the Template.
  What are price watch and what detail can I see?
You will learn how to set the price watch and get report  from :Last Traded Price.
Best Bid Rate and Quantity. Best Offer Rate and Quantity. Today's Traded Quantity, Turnover and Average Traded Price. Today's Opening, Highest and Lowest Prices. Previous Day's Open, High, Low, Close Prices. Percentage Change from Previous Close and Last Trade Time.
  What is Market Summary and how can it help me?
Market summary is the real pulse of the overall directional movement of the market. You will learn how to make use of the information of top 20 traded scripts for Intra day analysis and trading.
  What are Technical Query? How do I use it and  benefits from it?
You will Learn to combine indicators for getting a more accurate picture of what you are analyzing. You will also be taught how to formulate  Technical  Query and explore a database for specific technical factors. This will give you a list of high-probability trading  script to choose from.
  What are the best setting for the software? and how should I set it right?
Analyst is not a different kind of person but every person is a different kind of analyst. It is his choice of software selection and art of operating which defines the best setting for individual personality and you will learn and get it right at Stockleela Trading School.
Due to the technical nature of the material it is recommended that you take this course after the  Technical Analysis or Day Trading Course.
Course Content :-
1 Introduction. Quick Overview of Real Time Iris, Know your Software and get to know advantage and key benefit of the course.
2 Data Real Time Data flow, Internet Speed requirement - Disk Space requirement for Data storage, Updating through servers and Trouble shooting.
3 Types of Chart & Scale Over view of different types of Chart, importance of arithmetic or logarithmic price scale and default settings.
4 Time Frame and Chart Windows

Intra day tick chart, 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, Daily , weekly Monthly, Quarter chart for all BSE / NSE Scrip's.

Setting up Tile Chart with an option of Auto synchronization as desired for a well defined group of Stocks and as per the trading system for instant analysis of.

  • Different scrip's
  • Same scrip in multiple windows
  • Same scrip from different exchanges
  • Scrip's of different daily, weekly periodicity's
  • Scrip's of different intra day periodicity's
  • Different groups.
Inserting formatting Indicators or Drawing Object. Display,hide, remove.
  • How to effectively utilize space and managing multiple chart in the same window for instant analysis.
  • Use of hot Key/ Short cut Key, Mouse for managing the operation.
  • Understanding and designing Trading system from over 35 predefined studies in one or multiple time frame and further adding, modifying the parameters, remove hide/ un hide drawing object/ Line studies as per trading ideas.
    1. Use of Drawing Object / Line Studies in different color combination.
    2. Trend Line
    3. Horizontal Line
    4. Vertical Line
    5. Retracement
    6. Channel
    7. Fibonacci Cycle
    8. Speed Lines
    9. Price Extension


6 Putting Indicator in Use Applying correct combination of Indicator in one and multiple time frame, Formatting, Inserting and removing it.
7 Template Creation and Usage. Creating various template with right combination of Indicators and time frame with an option of Auto run/ synchronization as per analysis view.
8 Working with Indicator.

An indicator is a mathematical calculation that can be applied to a security's price, volume or even to another indicator

Software provides over 35 pre defined built in indicator with option of variable input parameters for smoothing the volatility. You will learn with hands on experience and

  • Get to know where to see & how to use Indicator.
  • Get to know how to insert new indicator
  • Get to know how to vary the parameters of the Indicator.
  • Get to know how to hide an indicator.
  • An Many more
10 System Tester.

Presently System tester is not a part of Technical Analysis Software. However we shall show you how this can be manually done to built up confidence as per your trading ideas so you can plan the trading strategy as per entry and exit on same time frame to determine the systems' historical profitability to know how much money a trader would have made or lost with as per the defined system.

  • Get to visualize judge and list down creative ideas for trading system.
  • Get to know how to plan Trading system with your ideas.


11 Query

Understanding and using existing Explorer in real time with instant out put is nerve stimulating experience and Creating new one and running it on custom list is unbelievable. It this juncture decision making requires through understanding of the technique and Iris helps you to bring to your notice at every tick and we help you how to instantially analyses at the speed of thought to perform it again and again as per reflex action. It perform a number of unique tasks One can

  • Get to Know which securities have just generated a "buy" (or "sell") signal in real time.
  • Get to Know and Discover which securities have just crossed above their defined moving average.
  • Get to know various combination of event tracker a unique user friendly option of the Software.


12 Simple Programming for better analysis and flexibility

Get to understand logical and simple to use formula language basics of Iris to fully explore the functionality of the Programming aspects of the Software.

Programming language offers greatest display and analysis flexibility to the end user whilst balancing this with an intuitive feature set objectivity.

  Nature of Trading System

How to make development of trading system simple and easy: Get to know to define your self to trade smarter.

And Many More.


15 Candlestick Function

Use of Technical Analysis Software with Candle function gives advance warning at the turning point / reversal points.

  • Get to know over 50 Candle stick pattern and spot them from a list of Stocks to trade smarter.


16 Risk and Money Management A must for any Software user,Technical Analyst, Fundamental Analyst. Though not a part of Software we highlight the importance of it in all our course.
Become a Proud Owner of Iris with Technical cum applied knowledge of Software.
Course that includes program basic is conducted with over 20 Tutorial and 18 Practical Examples.
Stockleela Trading School is not a Registered Investment Advisory service. Information given above and taught in the course / seminar/ online education are for educational purposes and are to be used at your own risk. Stockleela Trading School is not liable for the investment decisions you make based on information obtained from Training of the Software.
Machine Configuration Required:
Minimum Machine Configuration Required: Prefered
Disk Space 1 GB Free
RAM 64 MB.
Monitor Color.
Modem 33.6 or 56 Kb External.
Other Requirements:
Disk Space 1 GB Free
RAM 120 MB.
Monitor Color.Dual Monitor
Modem 33.6 or 56 Kb External.
Other Requirements: