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The service that you requested, Require member login. Children under 16 not permitted.
Trading based on Weekly chart is a specialized form of trading practiced by large financial institutions, hedge funds and long term  traders (investors). It helps to capture larger than the normal gains by holding stock position anywhere from several weeks to several month. helps individual to get the insight with our expertise to profitably exploit this larger" Wealth- Building" time frame. Whether you are a short term player or a long term player , we believe incorporating weekly trading strategies into your overall trading plan is a must. It is designed  for Wealth building Traders.
The service that you requested require member login,. Children under 16 not permitted.

Dear Sir,

Here's how  we do it: -
With Stockleela Trading School you will have our pro-active approach of Objective based Technical Analysis Support   on your side to identifying Trading opportunities by knowing .
"What are the right moves to make with your money and our Skill?"
"Which are the signal to trade with your Money?"
"When to trade with Your Money?"
  "How to Trade with Money?"
  "Where to get more Money?"

Every day we present to our customer new stock picks from research analysis, know in advance what to trade and when to buy, to sell and to stop too. Check out our performance area to see past trades.

This style of investment is best suited for long term investors  who believe in soundness and intrinsic worth of a company. We search for stocks that are moving from weak hands to strong hands. There is only one thing that moves the price of a stock and that is supply and demand. Supply--when a company isn't meeting stockholder's expectations. Demand--when a company can provide stock buyer's anticipation to future positive expectations.Our recommendation under this shall be based on :-

We monitor 25 High Volume Stocks, for key changes in trend giving Expected Support and Resistant levels, trend decider which we feel are significant to market. Wherever we feel significant movement is expected, we post Special Stock Pick Levels and appropriate commentary on strategy with clear Miltry Grade Signal for Buy/ Sell with expected levels target and stoploss at the end of the Week. It is simple straight forward  with each Special Specified Buy/ Sell recommendation accountable for profit or loss.

Agressive traders can get the guideline for Trading Intraday and Daily Bases or else get the directional movement which the stock is expected to make for the Week.

We monitor High Volume, Growth Potential Stocks, and identify key changes in trend which we feel are significant to Stock performance based on what strong hands perceive a company's performance will be over the next 6-12 month and not on what will happen tomorrow. We then post the alerts With clear Miltry Grade Signal giving Entry, Exit, initial and trailing Stop Loss and not to mention expected target potential, with appropriate commentary on strategy. It is simple straight forward  with each recommendation accountable for profit or loss. These position are taken to take advantage off long term view by looking into soundness and intrinsic worth of a company for much larger gains.
It is wealth generating strategy. If you are believer of fundamental or news based information, certainly it can be seen that there are times when holding a position for longer than a week can increase your bottom line many fold as per the trend. It can be seen that longer duration trades which are based more on reliable long term technical chart pattern turn out quite favorable.
MAKER'S OF MODERN TRADER will also give analysis on various option trading strategies for long-term traders, in addition to discussing how to incorporate low risk longer term option strategies in all trading environments. Aggressive long term traders need to know when it is more advantageous to trade derivatives and futures over equities, or a combination there of.
How to Start from Scratch &Finish with Cash!
We'll surprise you with analysis by showing how easy and exciting it can be to make money from penny stocks!We have been doing it for years, and we are not talking about 5% and 10% gains. However, if your shares of penny stocks do begin to move, they can produce hundreds of percentage points of gains, and they often do this in only a short time frame.

Stockleela team have the experience and tactics to keep revealing penny stocks that are about to explode in price many times. We help you to avoid the danger since 95% of penny stocks are bad investment choices. Our Team does extensive amounts of research and effort behind the scenes to uncover the real gems - those penny stocks that should be trading at much higher prices!

All of our Hot List penny stock picks come with our opinion of the best buy and sell prices. We provide a buy range, a short-term sell range, and a long-term sell range. The trick is picking the best penny stocks, just before they get discovered by everyone else.

We also follow up on past picks with comments in our weekly updates.

Our Strategy involves combination of both technical and fundamental analysis. With fundamental analysis we uncover the quality and long term outlook of a company, compare its operating efficiency with the industry, study trends in its earnings, assess financial ratios, and much more.

With technical analysis we uncover such things as opportune buying time frames, and predict trends and reversals in price, as well as support and resistance lines. Give us a chance to prove to you what we have already proven to members of penny stock investors.

On becoming the member your account will be activated and you will have access to the online Trading Analysis  for trading high volume stocks which are updated in real time
The Method
There is only one thing that moves the price of a stock and that is supply and demand. Supply--when a company isn't meeting stockholder's expectations. Demand--when a company can provide stock buyer's anticipation to future positive expectations.
We analyze the stock performance based on what strong hands perceive a company's performance will be over the next 6-12 month and not on what will happen tomorrow. Since presently we do not have  the time or the resources to visit every company, We depend on what strong hands are doing. They have the time and the resource to investigate the companies they are planning to invest. and in which side of the market the strong hands are in. Are they accumulating the stock while the weak hands are panicking and selling their shares at the bottom of a cycle? Are they distributing the stocks to the unsuspecting weak hands that are buying it at a cycle top and hoping for higher prices that will never come?  We base our decision on Fundamental and Technical Analysis with a longer prospective.  Each week we analyze our Data base of over 1200companies to determine which sector and stocks in those sector appears to be offering the best trading opportunities.
Risk management tactics and techniques will be a crucial element due to longer period of review/ investment and we take care of it  by giving protective stop loss.

The Benefit:-

If you are believer of fundamental or news based information, certainly it can be seen that there are times when holding a position  as per technical trend for longer than a single day  can increase your bottom line many fold . It can be seen that intraday trades  can be placed often times , slightly longer duration trades which are based more on reliable long term technical chart pattern can  and can turn out quite favorable if executed and managed correctly. Weekly  trading is designed to take large profits out of the market, without having to watch the market or stocks on a minute-by-minute or even a day-by-day basis. This "wealth-building" style of market play will prove to be extremely useful to those who trade on large risk capital and who have large portfolios.

In position trading while managing trade we look  and keep open eye and visualize the upside potential of the trade over extended period of time without taking small quick profit. Having additional patience, while protecting current profit using trailing stop loss and or taking some profit off the table can result profit many folds. This is true if you find yourself on the right side of the trade which is advancing in your favor.

"Back your opinion with cash when they are confirmed by Market Action. If You have the money &  desire. Let us provide the  timely knowledge. And then you will have the power! "

Selected stock picks every Week and review for hold and squaring off the old position. with holding period of 1 to 10 Week and average of 5 Week.
Profits objectives of 18% and above.
Simple strategy, no complicated rules to follow.
100% honest approach to the customers, we present ALL our past trades, the winners and the losers.
All selections are based on our proprietary research, no hype, no compensation received from any company, just the finest stocks selections for our members. Daily updates and follow up of open positions detailing stop points, profit targets.


Non Professional Traders belive that investing in stocks is a form of gambling. However, in gambling every Rupee won is a Rupee lost by someone else. It must be this way because gambling produces nothing, creates nothing, and therefore can only return to a winner what it took from a loser. It is a zero sum game.

When the price of the Stock increases individual portfolio of stocks gaines in value. The value of common stocks increases without taking wealth away from anyone. In fact when the stock prices increase, the amount of aggregate wealth increases for society as a whole. This is because common stockholders do produce something: They postpone the consumption of goods or save some portion of their income in order to supply the seed capital needed to buy production equipment and produce goods.

Why not use our service where we keep you updated all week long on a daily basis?
Join Stock Pick Now!

There's a revolutionary use of Technical Analysis that is spreading across the Stock Market like WILDFIRE! And right now, YOU have the opportunity to be right at the FRONT of it. But time is of the essence; Today, Modern Traders worldwide abid by the rhythm of Technical Analysis.

DON'T WAIT ANOTHER SECOND!! The time to act is now!

Not tomorrow... not someday... but right here, RIGHT NOW!

Knowledge is Power if you Kow How to use it!

Stockleela. com is developed and designed to Educate and alert beginners, active - self directed trader and investor to the exact moment in identifying trading opportunities.
2 delivers there combined specialized knowledge of technical analysis, skill and timing of the trade to reach individuals any where in the world at the click of the mouse.
3 empowers the investor to make educated decisions in real time as and when ,  opportunities arise. Timing is everything, knowledge is power, and gives the self-directed trader both.