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"PHONE CONSULTANCY:- This is a customized special service designed for High Net worth individuals who know how to trade but are scared to lose . Get the Tricks of the Trade Member for Phone Consultancy from Stockleela you won't have that problem now .

"Scared Money Never Wins"

WHY? Because We will show you how to start off on the right foot with true risk capital to get precise information through phone as per Market Dynamic to super time the Buy and Sell Decision.This way you won't have too many psychological hangups.

And when it comes to trading - scared money never wins. Never trade with money you can't afford to lose!

High net worth individuals who do not have time to monitor, or do not possess confidence and expertise to go ahead with the present knowledge or those who feel second opinion is a must to take a decision, then this is a common platform to look for. We constantly monitor high volume script and give feed back to super time entry and exit point on phone as and when favorable signals are generated. Your script or portfolio shall be looked to from a broader prospective for the Position trading to maximize the profit or to remain in cash by taking the advantage of up and down in the stock market.
Here's how  we do it: -
With Stockleela Trading School you will have our pro-active approach of Objective based Technical Analysis Support   on your side to identifying Trading opportunities by knowing .
"What are the right moves to make with your money and our Skill?"
"Which are the signal to trade with your Money?"
"When to trade with Your Money?"
  "How to Trade with Money?"
  "Where to get more Money?"
What We Do:- We at uses Different Principle, Cycle, Sentiment Indicators, Patterns in analyzing the psychological dynamics of the current market trend there by arriving to the final conclusion to help you out at each and every step of entry and exit.
  • Analyze high volume for super timing Buy/ Hold and Sell decision.
  • Spot a Reversal.
  • Placing Stops Intelligently.
  • Analyzing script of your choice on phone for immediate action for intraday & overnight.
  • Identifying most profitable pattern to trade.
Sn Describtion Time Remark
1 Position Trading 2-20 Days as per Trend Gives recommendation for Entry/ exit.
2 Options Trading 2-12 Weeks Which options to trade for 1 to 3 Month
3 Future Trading 2-12Weeks Which options to trade for 1 to 3 Month
4 Penny Stocks 2-24Weeks Stocks which are less than Rs. 10.These are small wonders and can give multiple returns. Even if one out of 10 Clicks it can give many fold returns.

Managing Risk:- We use stop loss to manage Risk.

Our Focal Point:-To monitor High volume stocks on regular bases and update you as and when you on Phone need to take action from time to time.

LIMIT TO MEMBERS :- We have limited subscription for this service. This is done so to give quality service to each of the individuals. No sooner we expand our base as per the market response we shall be able to serve those who are in waiting list.