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     GLOBAL MARKET:Investing
Global Vision


You no longer have to be an NRI to switch between dollars and rupees. with forex liberalization measure announced by finance minister in Dec 2003 and fine print released by the RBI, Indian resident individuals can now remit up to $25,000~ Rs 12,50,000/- per calendar year for any purpose without any distinction being made on whether the transaction is on the current account or capital account. The rule relaxation is an initial step into full capital account convertibility.

Indian investors can now buy global assets up to $25,000~ Rs 12,50,000/- per calendar year-by opening foreign currency account. To do it right you need to learn about global shares and the markets before investing.

Opportunities from Around the World

If you have Rs.12 Lakh you have the option of letting the money find its way on wall street in dollars and cents. But the question is should you do that.

  • It's yes if you know your way around the global, and especially US Stock market duly backed by Technical Knowledge, Research Report and Mutual funds.
  • It is no if you think you are going to multiply you money just by buying and selling shares, global funds or real estate without Technical knowledge, Research report.
Why yes, because:-
  • Technical Analysis works to time entry and exit on any Stock Market which trades on relatively high volume.
  • Research report combined with Technical may help you to time the market and sort out best from better and better from good and good from bad and up trend from down trend with ease, tick by tick minute by minute day in and day out duly reinforced by risk measure.
  • Mutual Fund who has good track record and are transparent in spelling out the exact expenses that would be charged to the scheme and the asset management company.
  • Analysis in real time can further minimize the risk and reduce dependability on other affecting factor.
Why no, because:-
  • Us Market may not outperform the rest of the world market.
  • Rupee if continues to strengthen against the dollar, dollar assets will depreciate in rupee terms even if the underlying investment doesn't do too badly.
  • Opportunity cost of not investing in other market including India that may outperform the US market.
  • Regulatory guideline which are yet to be sorted out may take some more time and tax implication in various countries including US should be crystal clear before taking plunge.
  • Professional help not easy to come by.
  • Cost of transaction would be high since they may charge quarterly or annual administration fees, 0.5 % Stamp duty on stock purchase. For online trading commission for trades up to 5000 shares are around 0.3% average subjected to minimum of $25.
  • Investment of $25,000 would be too small to justify such expenses.
  • Global equity market and bond market are extremely volatile and they signify a very high degree of risk for the uninitiated.
  • It will be uncharted territory for the uninitiated.
  • Investment of $25,000 to buy International real estate is very small amount western and southern part of US may require minimum of $ 150,000/0- to $200,000/-
  • One should take short term view of the currency since in the long term it is difficult to predict currency movement.
  • Research comes at price and vary with annual asset-based fee starting at 0.75 % fee and are billed quarterly with minimum of $1,000/- which comes to 4% of the allowable investment of $25,000/- on quarterly bases.
  • Investing restriction for foreign national also exist in several countries which will narrow down one's opportunities to a selected few countries.
  • Many more
Live it to Stockleela:- Stockleela believes in real time research on

Investing in dollar in US or any country may be a glamorous proposition. It is good to dream about investing in US Stocks. But how do you start and start trading in right direction. Get timely advise duly backed by technical analysis.

  • Should one invest,
  • What to invest and
  • Where to invest abroad.

Should it interest you try Stockleela Analysis service tailor made to suit your requirement.