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     EDUCATION:- Class Room


This program is designed for traders who have completed courses on Technical Analysis / Day Trading / One-On-One Coaching / Elliot Wave Principle and want to continue  relationship with Stockleela Trading School  to dramatically curtail the trader's money-losing period of trial and error, and speed up the educational process that ultimately leads to financial independence.The bulk of the trading concepts taught and expanded on will be based on the techniques and tactics covered in prerequisit course.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from a Stockleela Mentor. We can tell you what works and what doesn’t - in short we can show you the correct and profitable way to trade without you having to make the mistakes (which can translate into a lot of lost money, not to mention time). A mentor that can only make you a better and more successful trader, to help you achieve your goals. You will also be able to learn from their mistakes. In general, you must take advantage of the lessons learned from successful traders who have already made the journey before you.

History:-Word Mentor has its origin in Greek. Mentor was the tutor to whom King Odysseus entrusted his son Telemachus when he went away to fight in the Trojan Wars. Mentor refered as goddess of wisdom was a wise and capable teacher who tought prince the skill of leadership, growth, and responsibility. Today, we think of a mentor as someone who counsels others to grow personally and professionally. Though quite topical today, mentoring is not a new concept.

Course Details. Advantages of the Course.
Introduction. Course Syllabus.
No.  Study Mode Duration Course Fees Language Who can Attain Status
Class Room 45 Hours Click Here English/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Kannada   Available
Class Room 36 Hours Click Here English/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Kannada    

More you learn, the More you know you need to learn.


This program tends to enhance your education and reinforce what you have been trained to do. The program is designed to make you a better trader or aggressive investor by getting feedback from  Instructors of Stockleela Trading School. We are there to help you with your analysis. We do not make any investment recommendations. Our goal is to help you improve your analysis and skill making you independent of us, not dependent on us.

If you are looking for personalized attention  whose primary goal is to make you a profitable and successful trader, there is no more effective form of trading education available anywhere. By working closely with instructor of Stockleela Trading School you will dramatically curtail the money-losing period of trial and error that so many other traders must suffer through. You will meet the instructor on regular bases who will help you to execute trading strategy. Prior to the Mentor Program, the aspiring trader did not have many choices when trying to find a professional trader willing to share the priceless lessons learned in a one-on-one relationship over many months.

Why Are We Different? Unlike many investment educational institutions in the market today, STOCKLEELA is unique, we offer MENTORSHIP. This reaches far beyond the normal "seminar" experience. Numerous features have been created to ensure that you have the SUPPORT to put into ACTION those things that will help you in taking control of your financial destiny and creating wealth.

Education is crucial in trading. If you don't step up to the line with the right tools and know-how to trade the markets and pull the trigger, you may as well be gambling . Now at Stockleela help is available through Mentor.

Are you ready to take your trading to the next level, or just need the guidance of a more experienced trader? Stockleela is available on limited basis for Private Mentorship to assist you in making sure your foundations as a trader are on solid ground, help identify and take measures to cure specific trading problems, and introduce specific techniques to enhance the trading experience for consistent profit. It is possible to earn large sums of money when you have a winning method and you are able to follow it. Before you can control your trading, you need to be able to control yourself. I help you do just that. My system for self management will assist you to be clear minded, calm, focused, and able to take right and timely action.

Remember, you are responsible for your success and success is directly proportional to the amount of effort you are willing to apply that no one else will. If you are willing to help yourself succeed, we are committed to you, our student.

Books can be read, and formulas can be memorized - but it’s truly the people around us , here after we call them MENTOR who helps an individual to learn, implement in real time and grow.

This Program is designed to reinforce what you have trained to do and  give you the  self confidence necessary to be a more successful trader or aggressive investor
Easy to learn   under personal guidance of the experienced trader .

Developing Trading System to suit your personality.

You will receive personal help designed to improve your skills in technical analysis.

This helps you identify the strengths and weakness of your methodology and enables you to develop a more successful trading plan.
Optimizing different indicator for weight of evidence & decision making.

Wave Principle is “the purest form of technical analysis” based on investors psychology and   dynamic theory of waves  in which the waves count have to be adjusted as the move unfolds. Elliott waves is an exercise in probability to identify the market wave  and anticipate the most likely next move based on our position within the wave. With  wave patterns, you’ll know what the market is likely to do next  what it will not do next.

Basically, the more you know and the more practical your education the better prepared you will be to handle situations that would otherwise cause you intense fear resulting in emotional damage.

Learning under direct Online / personalized guidance of
One can analyze any stocks individually in real time .
One will get to know what when and how to trade
Minimizing the risk associated with Stock Investing and Trading
Technically analyzed price charts shall be used for interpretation.
Clarifications regarding the subject will be answered any time during the mentorship period.
Mastering the art of query for selecting the best stocks for investment and trading.
What to do when you encounter an extremely fast price move.
The right times to use market orders.
More accurate way to use technical analysis when trading.
How you can reduce risk caused by technology.

How to develop skills during your education. A trial and error approach to stock trading will cost you big time. Don't do it!
How to protect your trading account from catastrophic loss
coaching in areas and skills in which I had no or little experience
friendly sounding-boards to bounce ideas on
constructive non-threatening criticism to learn from
encouragement and challenge when I doubted my abilities
my name put forward to undertake important work assignments and projects
my skills marketed in my organization
constant support and advice
the opportunity to improve on my interpersonal skills and
my circle of networking widen.

The Role of the Mentee:-Mentees play a part in making the relationship beneficial. Do not expect your mentor to provide all the answers and solve all your problems. You must assume responsibility for your own growth and development and be willing to learn and change. Be humble and realize there is always more to learn. Find out what your mentor wants from the relationship and do your part to achieve these goals. If things do not work out with an assigned mentor accept rejection gracefully. Inform your mentor of your career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. Be honest and open. Show appreciation for your mentor's expertise. Stay in constant touch with your mentor. Above all, mentor others

COURSE SYLLABUS:- Trading Mentor
Personal Interaction and review of the old Trading result.
Psycology test
Joint Review and improvement Plan.
Periodic Portfolio Review and check list preperaction
Investment strategies (an in depth look at advanced long term investment strategies).
Swing Trading (stocks that will make moves over the next 2-10 days.
Intra-day trading (learn to level the playing field when competing against market makers and other professional traders).
Market analysis (determining where the market is headed next).
Stock analysis (discussion of both technical and fundamental analysis).
Option investing (the use of options to increase your portfolio gains).
Software (we will assist in the selection, setup, and operation of market related software).
Nifty interpretation.
Software training.
Advanced Candlestick charting techniques.
Advanced technical analysis and use of indicators.
Risk management.
Development and implementation and review for correction of a trading business plan.
Courses shall be taken conducted in English , Hindi, Marathi and Kannada. Notes for all these courses are in English.

Stockleela Trading School has its main centre in Pune where courses are conducted regularly.

However those who are from different part of India and cannot come to Pune, but wish to attain our seminar  can do so by sending request specifying the location where you wish to have this program conducted. We at Stockleela Trading school will process the request and periodically plan such seminars at each location on a weekend or during weekdays as per numbers of participant.

No sooner we receive your request we shall inform you of our plans and on getting the desired numbers  of participant we shall confirm each interested users about our location and schedule duration of course.

Number of Participants:- one to one

CLASS ROOM / ON SITE GUIDANCE :- It is one- to -one presentation. We allow maximum six participents in one batch, for giving personalized  service and attention.


  • For registration and booking a place on first come first serve bases. Click
The pricing includes :- Tea, and Refreshments at Pune Training centre.
  • All the participants will be provided course material for future reference.
  • Stock Market related Software demo available as per the policy of the software suppliers.
  • Hands on experience on variety of the Software available at Pune Stockleela Trading School.
  • Discount of 10% to the existing members for joining any additional courses or products of Stockleela.
  • Group Discount as per the request and representation. Please contact our Admin Manager .

Act now! Click here to register!

How Can I benefit from Class Room Course?

This class room course will give you the opportunity to engagein training through interactive interface.

First, we shall in detail explain you chapter wise all the course material that are listed in the course syllabus, Personal reduest and at times additional lessons as the time calls for. You shall have the opportunity to interact with the author for clarification if any and for day today's market analysis all in realistic approach to see the methodology reinforcement in day today's analysis.