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    EDUCATION:- Class Room


Elliott Theory is great... but how do I trade with it? This has been the question on many lips over the past year. Here we tell you , how to benefit from the use of Elliott Wave theory in your every day trading.

This course is designed to study the behavior of the Stock Market that moves in repetitive cycles, which reflect the actions and emotions of humans caused by exterior influences or mass psychology, stock markets move in repetitive cycles, which reflect the actions and emotions of humans caused by exterior influences or mass psychology, that always revealed itself in the same repetitive patterns, which in turn subdivide in to waves.

Thus Elliott was able to analyse markets in greater depth, identifying the specific characteristics of wave patterns and making detailed market predictions based on the patterns he had identified. You shall be able to identify such patterns and forecast the price movement based on mass psychology and minimize the risk associated with it, you have a roadmap to winning profitably .

Theory is Dynamic in nature there by changing the wave counts as and when it unfolds new waves.

Course Details. Advantages of the Course.
Introduction. Course Syllabus.
No.  Study Mode Duration Course Fees Language Who can Attain Status
Class Room 45 Hours Click Here English/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Kannada   Available
Class Room 36 Hours Click Here English/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Kannada    

More you learn, the More you know you need to learn.

Stock Market is a leading indicator based on the psychological dynamics of cause and effect. We at  uses  Elliot Wave Principle discovered 65 Years ago,  in analyzing  the psychological dynamics of cause and effect  to the  Stock and Stock Market

According to physical law: "Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction". The same goes for the financial markets. A price movement up or down must be followed by a contrary movement, as the saying goes: "What goes up must come down"( and vice versa). Price movements can be divided into trends on the one hand and corrections or sideways movements on the other hand. Trends show the main direction of prices, while corrections move against the trend. In Elliott terminology these are called Impulsive waves and Corrective waves.

After completing the course you will be able to immediately apply what you've learned in analyzing  the psychological dynamics of cause and effect  to the  Stock and Stock Market toward developing a level of Objective oriented Trading System that most people never attain on their own. trading tactics can be utilized only when the trading apportunity exist over and over again for consistent, continuous profits.

Easy to learn  as per the example given there in.
Developing Trading System to suit your personality.

Use of indicators as per the as per the pattern traced for longer and shorter time frame.

Identifying the 3rd wave for trading.

Wave Principle is “the purest form of technical analysis” based on investors psychology and   dynamic theory of waves  in which the waves count have to be adjusted as the move unfolds. Elliott waves is an exercise in probability to identify the market wave  and anticipate the most likely next move based on our position within the wave. With  wave patterns, you’ll know what the market is likely to do next  what it will not do next.

Basically, the more you know and the more practical your education the better prepared you will be to handle situations that would otherwise cause you intense fear resulting in emotional damage.

1 Learning under direct Online / personalized guidance of
2 One can analyze any stocks individually in real time .
3 One will get to know what when and how to trade
4 Minimizing the risk associated with Stock Investing and Trading
5 Technically analyzed price charts shall be used for interpretation.
6 Clarifications regarding the subject will be answered any time during the course.
7 Mastering the art of query for selecting the best stocks for investment and trading.
8 What to do when you encounter an extremely fast price move.
9 The right times to use market orders.
10 More accurate way to use technical analysis when trading.
11 How you can reduce risk caused by technology.

12 How to develop skills during your education. A trial and error approach to stock trading will cost you big time. Don't do it!
13 How to protect your trading account from catastrophic loss
Courses shall be taken conducted in English , Hindi, Marathi and Kannada. Notes for all these courses are in English.

Stockleela Trading School has its main centre in Pune where courses are conducted regularly.

However those who are from different part of India and cannot come to Pune, but wish to attain our seminar  can do so by sending request specifying the location where you wish to have this program conducted. We at Stockleela Trading school will process the request and periodically plan such seminars at each location on a weekend or during weekdays as per numbers of participant.

No sooner we receive your request we shall inform you of our plans and on getting the desired numbers  of participant we shall confirm each interested users about our location and schedule duration of course.

Number of Participants:-
CLASS ROOM COURSES:We allow maximum six participents in one batch, for giving personalized  service and attention.
SEMINARS:- For seminars we are comfortable with 20 participants and do not wish to enroll more than 20. We are here to give quality and personalized education.
  • For more information on forthcoming seminars, locations dates Click Here.
  • For registration and booking a place on first come first serve bases Click Here.
The pricing includes :- Tea, and Refreshments at Pune Training centre.
  • All the participants will be provided course material for future reference.
  • Stock Market related Software demo available as per the policy of the software suppliers.
  • Hands on experience on variety of the Software available at Pune Stockleela Trading School.
  • Discount of 10% to the existing members for joining any additional courses or products of Stockleela.
  • Group Discount as per the request and representation. Please contact our Admin Manager .

Act now! Click here to register!

How Can I benefit from Class Room Course?
This class room course will give you the opportunity to engagein training through interactive interface.
First, we shall in detail explain you chapter wise all the course material that are listed in the course syllabus, Personal reduest and at times additional lessons as the time calls for. You shall have the opportunity to interact with the author for clarification if any and for day today's market analysis all in realistic approach to see the methodology reinforcement in day today's analysis.