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First of all, thank you for taking the time for coming to Stockleela Web Site. Stockleela Trading School Courses are one of the personalized effective form  of Trading Education  which offers practical, logical, structured and straightforward trading methodology,which can shorten learning curve, money loosing period of trial and errors method and prevent damage to psychology which serious  investors and traders tempt to do.

"Win at Will Before you can control your trading your system-your method, you need to control yourself.

For many of you, the best way to learn something new is to remove yourself from life's daily distractions and go to a real classroom to understand and act as per the trading apportunity that knocks at your door at every tick.The advantages of taking our courses in our physical locations are many:

Someone who has felt the emotional and psychological stresses that the market provides is truly qualified to instruct you in the art of trading. GetTrading Knowledge, methodolohy and Skill Your Most Valuable form of Capital to last you for the rest of your trading career!

At, regardless of whether you are a beginner, an experienced trader or aggressive investor, our hands-on workshops, Personalised class room courses and educational materials can assist you in your quest for knowledge, art and experience. We train day traders, short-term momentum traders and aggressive investors.

“Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back.”
Trading education can be an invaluable resource for active traders. If you learn & follow what Stockleela Trading School  teach, it will be hard for you to lose big!

At Stock Market Crores of Rupies / billions of dollars exchange hands every day, thereby buttressing the economy of a country. Again, it is through this stock market, thousands of companies see a surging rise in their market valuations while countless companies are doomed to death. What goes behind this stock market trading which is often considered a lifeline for most companies?

We go to school, College, University gain an education, become employed, remain unemployed or manage existing business, else start our own business. We learn the basic month-to-month management, but nothing in our education or work experience provides, the  comprehensive knowledge, skill and art necessary for financial success in the stock market.

We at Stockleela Trading School preciously bring this to suit your personal style.Whether you are a novice or an advanced trader, now you can have the most comprehensive and professional learning experience available today. We offer this experience in our physical offices in Pune and places where gtoup representation are available.

They say that the more you learn, the more you know you need to learn. This is true in trading stocks. If you're not fully prepared when you go to trade, you could be the one that the smart money profits from.

Right Education, art of analysis, money management and speed of execution is crucial in trading. If you don't step up to the line with the right tools and know-how to trade the markets, you may as well be shooting in the air -- with the odds on the house's side. But now at Stockleela Trading school you need not wory, help is available, in the way of Personalised Class room courses, seminars, mentors and not to mention end of the day and real time guideline for Trading.

Many members, visitors and in specific Management Graduate often ask us how they can learn and improve their knowledge and skills in trading. New bread of management graduate write us asking about certification or degree programs in technical analysis, some want a schedule of upcoming seminars and conferences, and others seek personalized counsel or tutoring. Well, click each catogary given above for current and upcoming courses and seminars. For More Details Contact us at admin@

Slash Years of Learning Curve.
1 You Hear, You Forget!
  You See, You Remember!
  You Do, You Understand!
  You Practice, You Profit!
  Knowledge is Power!
  "You will hear and see how to trade profitably.
 Then, by doing, you will begin to understand the many pitfalls and nuances of the trading systems, Strategies and process.
 In this way, you will be gaining the discipline, courage and confidence to do  and practice what you have learned to do "in the best possible manner at the best possible time" under the best possible guidance.
You will have our pro- active approch of objective based Technical Analysis Knowledge in identifying Trading apportunities to know:-
"What are the right moves to make with your money and our Skill?"
"Which are the signal to trade with your Money?"
"When to trade with Your Money?"
"How to Trade with Money?"
"Where to get more Money?"
BACK YOURSELF TO ACHIEVE MORE.. TARGET RIGHT MOVE! A Technical Analysis of Precious moments to give specific techniques for making the essential mind shifts that enables you to create a mental advantage for quickaction, clear thinking, and an unclouded intent to win.
Stock price dynamics are constantly changing due to economic surprise, events, Companies working, Financial Strength, International trend, the traders sentiment resulting in excessive demand or supply of the share. Because not every investor trades the same way, we designed our class room courses to educate in various languages and  accommodate various types of investing: Intraday, Daily & Weekly  based on Japanese Candle Stick , Western technique  and Elliot Wave Principle, Psychology and many more, to quickly learn and elevate her trading to the level of profession.
On-Location Courses:-Although the Internet has brought about the advent of the "virtual classroom," sometimes there is nothing better than saying "Been there, done that!"  For many of you, the best way to learn something new is to remove yourself from life's daily distractions and go to a real classroom. The advantages of taking our courses in our physical locations are many:
At Stockleela courses are specifically designed to help beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Investor and traders of all types to improve their Knowledge about Stock Mark operation, Investment and trading skills using techniques, Software and online trading technique that investors and traders can instantly implement to increase the chances of making profits day after day. Success in Investment and  trading in the equity market is highly dependent on knowing how to put the odds in your favor by reducing risk and maximizing profit opportunities. It is the outcome of the long felt need for personalized quality training at economic cost in the stock market. It is right path to the Promised Land for all those in search of money where good and bad co-exist. Much more than stock tips and buy-sell-hold advice, our combination of Class room Courses, live seminars and online Technical Analysis services, guide both new and experienced traders to a more intuitive understanding of the markets. The stock market can be a scary place at times, but as long as you're protected, it's clearly the best way to build your wealth.
Stockleela courses gives refined trading tactics with reference to daily market examples that have been developed over years to help them accomplish this. We individually and personally attain and provide you with  professional tools and the training needed to do your job as a successful trader. Once you understand how to identify the opportunities presented by the market in practical life and real time and minimize the risk associated with it, you have a roadmap to winning profitably. Although you can not win every trade, you can understand every trade.
If you think the cost of an education is high, try ignorance! Short memories and lack of knowledge don't go unpunished for long. Imagine really understanding how the markets move. Imagine knowing precisely where to place your stops. Think about being able to calculate precise points where you will take your profits before the market ever gets there - sometimes weeks or even months in advance.
Medium of Instruction:-
Courses shall be conducted in English , Hindi, Marathi and Kannada. Notes for all these courses are in English. Shortly we intend to add more regional languages and course material in the regional languages too.
As per the  requirement of knowledge, individual expertise and understanding of the stock market we have grouped  Class Room Courses- Stock Market Educational Courses into following  5 levels.
SN Courses Name Remark
Basics of Stock Market and Fundamen tal Analysis
Technical Analysis
Day Trading
Future and Options
Elliot Wave Principle
One- On- One- Coaching
Limited Entry
Mentor Program
Limited Entry.
Software Training
Online Technical Analysis IRIS
End of the Day Technical Analysis MetaStock.
End of the Day echnical Analysis Advance GET

Stockleela Trading School has its main centre in Pune where courses are conducted regularly.

However, those who are from different parts of India and cannot come to Pune, but wish to attain our seminar  can do so by sending request, specifying the location where you wish to have this program conducted. We at Stockleela Trading school will process the request and periodically plan such seminars at each location on a weekend or during weekdays as per numbers of participant.

No sooner we receive your request we shall inform you of our plans and on getting the desired number of participant we shall confirm each interested users about our location and schedule duration of course.

No of Participants:-

CLASS ROOM COURSES:-All courses are currently limited to 1-6 participants for giving personalized  service and attention.

SEMINARS:- For seminars we are comfortable with 20 participants and do not wish to enroll more than 25.


  • For more information on forthcoming seminars, locations dates Click Here.
  • For registration and booking a place on first come first serve bases Click Here.

The pricing includes :- Tea, and Refreshments at Pune Training centre.

All the participants will be provided course material for future reference.

Stock Market related Software demo available as per the policy of the software suppliers. Hands on experience on variety of the Software available at Pune Stockleela Trading School. Discount of 10% to the existing members any additional course or products of Stckleela. Group Discount as per the request and representation. Please contact our Admin Manager .

Click Here for:- Subscribtion // Contact Information.

How Can I get benifited from the Course?

This class room courses will give you the opportunity to engage in training through interactive interface.

  • First, we shall in detail explain you chapter wise all the course material that are listed  in the course syllabus, Personal request and at times additional  lessons as the time calls for. You shall have the opportunity to interact with the author in a live chat session for clarification if any and for day today's market analysis all in realistic approach to see the methodologies reinforced in day today's analysis.
  • We shall take you through  Variety of Psychology test to understand you better and let you know your strength and weakness.
  • You shall have access to these software to understand and practice to suit your style, Time, Personality, Psychology, Budget, skill and Art, you acquire during the course of time and intend to rise to the level of profession. We never influence you or compile you to buy any particular brand of software, instead we give and provide you an  opportunity to understand them all.

The market has no room for literal interpretation. The ability of the trader will be more defined by his/her vision and awareness of price dynamics within a trend or range as it compares to mathematical indications than by purely literal interpretation. When ever a trader wants to focus on more objective influences, the trader would rely on indicators and mathematically-driven models that quantify trends, ranges and sideways markets (which is all there is….see Dow Theory). For the trader who gains confidence from more interpretive input, the charts provide much more subjective stimuli. In fact, charts can often rival ink blots in terms of their interpretation due the wide variance of interpretation from the beholder.

Further, with the availability of Real time technical analysis software, Online Trading  Terminal, Stockleela Trading School has added significant value in  the individuals learning process related to Stock Market Education by introducing Specialized standard and customized courses as given  above to seriously bring out the expert qualities in trading and investment for The Making of the Modern Trader.


For mutual benefit it is very important for Stockleela or Mentor to understand the member's Psychologyl/ Mental balance and detail Background of Stock Market History.This helps for corrective action in implementing the systems and strategy if any required during the course or at a later stage. We may ask the detail it is optional for an individual to revel the truth:- Information given by an individual shall be used for joint development plan for One-On-One Coaching Course which can be used / implemented in daily trading activities immediately.

  • Stock Market Educational History.
  • Trading Background including strength and weakness and trading plan details.
  • Detail History of Learning curve.
  • Computer Hardware and software knowledge.
  • Psychology test to understand the strength and weakness of individual.
Some of the advantage and key benefits are:
Learning under personalized guidance of Stockleela Trading School
One can analyze the market and company  on Fundamental Bases individually.
Psychologically you shall be in a position to understand your mental tilt on Bull side or Bear Side  through technical Analysis Test so that the same can be effectively used in the trading.
You shall have variety of Technical Analysis Software to understand and get hands on experience while going through the Technical Analysis Course
One will get to know what when and how to trade as per End of the Day/ Real time Analysis
One can  Read Price chart of any Stock market and Technically Analysis  these stocks individually.

Minimizing the  stop loss and risk associated with trading and  Stock Investing.

Clarifications regarding the subject will be answered any time during and after the course.

Interaction with different trading Technique.

Better Money and Risk Management.

Exposer to various types of Technical Analysis Software to choose from.

Updating periodically as per the content of the Latest News in the stock Market.
Research Reports of various organizations.
Importance of awareness, reflex and execution speed.
Mastering the art of query for selecting the best stocks for investment and trading Technically.
Developing Trading System to suit your personality.
How to Pull the trigger without hesitation and get in early on those big moves through Technical Analysis.
Maintain discipline even after a winning or losing streak so you can build a steady stream of profits through Technical Analysis
How to Cut your losses automatically and keep them small.
How to Hang unto your winners to glean large profits.
How to Turn fear into trust and greed into moderation and watch your profits grow.
How to feel good about yourself whether you win or lose knowing that the next trade or the next will be a big winner
Know when to trust your judgement.
Know when to trust your intuition.
Know your rules and follow your rules.
Know yourself, accept yourself, and still become better.

Our focus is on fulfilling the training needs of Beginners,  market intermediaries,  Experts, Investors students, Corporate and special requirements.

The openings are limited, so I reserve the right to select only those traders who are committed to trading excellence. Call me now, but only call if you are prepared to make exciting changes in your life and in your trading. And get ready for the most profitable period of your trading. Not to mention your life.

Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Good Trading & Best In Life,

Stockleela Trading School

NOTE:-Anyone can make money in a rising market, but only those that know what they're doing know how to make money in ALL Markets. In order to survive long-term as a trader you must know how to identify and make money in Up Markets, Down Markets, Sideways Markets, Volatile Markets and Quiet Markets.Stockleela will teach you how to identify each of these market conditions and the exact trading strategies to maximize your returns as all these trading opportunities present themselves!

Stockleela Trading School