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     EDUCATION:- Class Room
DAY TRADING:- This Course is designed to equip participants with Advance Technical Analysis tools to super time Buy and Sell decision by developing a Trading System for maximizing profit in real time. Lack of knowledge causes severe emotional damage, The WORST thing you can do is trade without the right knowledge.


Once you have Emotional Damage it is almost impossible to get rid of!
It will become a stumbling block that will prevent you from trading in a non emotional way.
It will make learning to trade the right way that much harder.

Learn to capture sharp intraday trends, which helps you to trade the same 3 to 5 stocks every day without Stress, Emotional Damage by establish successful trading strategies, methods, and habits right from the start as taught to you by Stockleela. We teach our students to focus on their technique, not their profit or loss. We train them to let their well-executed strategies take them out of their trades

Day Trading Course is designed to give you a complete training solution, so you can learn to trade effectively and successfully no matter what your current level of knowledge. You will: Learn from start to finish and from beginners to advanced Technical Analysis, advanced Trading Technique and money management that one should not overlook?

Get art of analysis & software utilization effectively and easily to prepare solid foundation for a Day Trader.

Get Trading Knowledge & Skill -- your Most valuable form of capital.

Day trading is a potentially lucrative career, but you have to work hard at it, and Stockleela will help you learn how to do it by conyrolling your risk like the pros do. This is because You are competing against some of the brightest minds in the world, and they have more resources and technology than you could ever dream of.
Course Details. Advantages of the Course.
Introduction. Course Syllabus.
No.  Study Mode Duration Course Fees Language Who can Attain Status
Class Room 45 Hours Click Here English/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Kannada   Available
Class Room 36 Hours Click Here English/ Hindi/ Marathi/ Kannada    

More you learn, the More you know you need to learn.


INTRADAY Stock price dynamics are constantly changing due to economic surprise, events, Companies working, Financial Strength, International trend, the traders sentiment resulting in excessive demand or supply of the share. Whether you are an active intra-day trader, swing trader or an intermediate to long-term trader, you will learn a host of simple, yet powerful approaches, and gain mastery over numerous trading tools and strategies that will help you make consistent daily profits with minimal risk. You will also be taught how to maintain the proper mindset, which is so crucial for The Making of the Modern Trader!

Day Trading course helps traders of all types dramatically improve their trading skills using proven techniques that traders can instantly implemented to increase profits day after day by reducing risk and maximizing profits. After completing the course you will be able to immediately apply what you've learned toward developing a level of trading mastery that most people never attain on their own. trading tactics can be utilized over and over again for consistent, continuous profits.

Technical analysis is more of an art than a science.This explosive system delivers consistent high profits every day, while maintaining a great risk vs. reward ratio.

You will learn how to achieve consistent profits, protect your gains and become a successful trader.

Study material with graphs for analyzing Indian equity market
Basic and applied knowledge in all areas of Technical analysis.

Optimizing different indicator for decision making.

Day today chart analysis of stocks for class room and for online where ever possible.

Research analysis of the trading as per the past performance for different time frame
7 Learn how to measure & track the trading activity of Large Institutions & Commercials in real time
8 Comprehensive Volume-Based Indicators to measure Supply & Demand in all markets and time frames in real time
9 Volume-Based Indicators & Technical Analysis (Breakouts, Channels, Oscillators, Momentum, Trend Reversals) all in real time

Basically, the more you know and the more practical your education the better prepared you will be to handle situations that would otherwise cause you intense fear resulting in emotional damage. Stockleela make you realise about the discipline understand it and sure that technique you plan to use is sound at every step; and if that is done properly, the profits will take care of themselves. "Am I entering the trade at the right place?" "Is my stop loss - mental or otherwise - properly set?" "What is my price objective, and has that been set intelligently and what course of action will I take once it's met?" These are just a few of the Technical Questions on which stockleela helps you to build strong foundation which will make modern trader perpetually ask and answer himself by reflex action with a well thought out trading plan, which Stockleela unfolds you. Learning and applying Good technique automatically leads to good profits.

1 Intensive & interactive trading workshop under direct personalized guidance of Stockleela with hands-on instruction
2 Numerous step-by-step instructional applications and simulated-trading environment to buy the best and sell the worst.
3 Complete trend-continuation trading plan with rules, indicator set-ups, money-management.
2 One can analyze any stocksquickly easily and individually in real time and learn to scan the market for stocks that fit your style.
3 One will get to know what when and how to trade with confidence with organizational shortcuts that will help you focus only on small groups of stocks at any one time.
4 Minimizing the risk associated with Stock Investing and Trading
5 Find out how to set up the chart display what Stockleela uses for interpretation or customize to your preferences
6 Clarifications regarding the subject will be answered any time during the course.
7 Mastering the art of query for selecting the best stocks for investment and trading by finding new highs & lows, crossovers, and divergences with Visual Indicator Sorting.
8 What to do when you encounter an extremely fast price move.
9 The right times to use market orders.
10 More accurate way to use technical analysis when trading.
11 How you can reduce risk caused by technology.

12 How to develop skills during your education. A trial and error approach to stock trading will cost you big time. Don't do it!
13 How to protect your trading account from catastrophic loss
14 How to find and trade explosive breakouts.Never forget another trading opportunity and keep your mind clear for better decision making
15 Advanced trading techniques that work.
16 Advanced money management and execution techniques.
17 Learn to employs stop-losses (buy stops) to cover positions that are moving against our expectation, and closes positions once a decent profit emerges or a time criterion is reached.
18 Learn to buy a stock that are going up!Know your target ahead of time, Learn not to fight the tide
19 Stockleela show that professional money management helps investors get much superior results.
Courses shall be taken conducted in English , Hindi, Marathi and Kannada. Notes for all these courses are in English.
Stockleela Trading School has its main centre in Pune where courses are conducted regularly.
However those who are from different part of India and cannot come to Pune, but wish to attain our seminar  can do so by sending request specifying the location where you wish to have this program conducted. We at Stockleela Trading school will process the request and periodically plan such seminars at each location on a weekend or during weekdays as per numbers of participant.
No sooner we receive your request we shall inform you of our plans and on getting the desired numbers  of participant we shall confirm each interested users about our location and schedule duration of course.
Number of Participants:-
CLASS ROOM COURSES:We allow maximum six participents in one batch, for giving personalized  service and attention.
SEMINARS:- For seminars we are comfortable with 20 participants and do not wish to enroll more than 20. We are here to give quality and personalized education.
  • For more information on forthcoming seminars, locations dates Click Here
  • For registration and booking a place on first come first serve bases Click Here.
The pricing includes :- Tea, and Refreshments at Pune Training centre.
  • All the participants will be provided course material for future reference.
  • Stock Market related Software demo available as per the policy of the software suppliers.
  • Hands on experience on variety of the Software available at Pune Stockleela Trading School.
  • Discount of 10% to the existing members for joining any additional courses or products of Stockleela.
  • Group Discount as per the request and representation. Please contact our Admin Manager .

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How Can I benefit from Class Room Course?
This class room course will give you the opportunity to engagein training through interactive interface.
First, we shall in detail explain you chapter wise all the course material that are listed in the course syllabus, Personal reduest and at times additional lessons as the time calls for. You shall have the opportunity to interact with the author for clarification if any and for day today's market analysis all in realistic approach to see the methodology reinforcement in day today's analysis.