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Target | Technicals | Technical Analysis| Tick | Ticker Symbol | Time frame | Time stop | Time of Sales | Trade| Trader | Trading range | Trend | Trend line |Trailing Stops| Undervalued | Underwriter| Uptick | Uptrends | Volume | Writer | Zero Minus Tick | Zero Plus Tick | Weak (market) | Whipsaw |
1 Target The result of measuring an aspect of price action with a view to predicting the extent of a likely price move. Same as objective.
2 Technicals Measurements of market activity, principally price, volume and open interest.
3 Technical Analysis  Analyzing previous market trends and stock prices in the belief that done properly it can be an indicator of future trends.
4 Tick
The smallest change permitted in the price of a futures contract. However, the term is used more widely for prices recorded on any market trade by trade. This may derive from the sound made by pre-electronic quote machines (ticker tape machines, or just tickers) whenever a trade came through.
5 Ticker Symbol  A system of letters used to uniquely identify a stock or mutual fund.
6 Time frame A measure of time used in analysis, e.g. one minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Can also be used more generally as in short medium or long term.
7 Time stop A time limit on the holding of a position, after which it is intended to be closed, either automatically or by action of the trader.
8 Time of Sales The actual time and price of transactions as they occur.
9 Trade A transaction, either buying or selling, on a financial market.
10 Trader A person who buys or sells with the objective of making a capital gain.
11 Trading range Price action over a period that is confined to a relatively narrow range. Also called a congestion area.
12 Trend
A succession of either higher highs and higher lows (an up trend) or lower highs and lower lows (a down trend). The trend is determined by the price action
13 Trend line A line connecting lows in an up trend or highs in a down trend.
14 Trailing Stops A stop loss order that is to be executed when a stock being followed up, dips down below a specified amount or when a stock being followed down, goes up above a specified amount.
15 Triple Bottom  A chart pattern which shows that a stock has attempted to penetrate a lower price level on three different occasions.
16 Undervalued  A security which has a price that is below its perceived value.
17 Underwriter  An individual or institution which acts as a middle man between corporations issuing securities and the investing public.
18 Uptick  A transaction where the stock price is higher than the previous transaction.
19 Uptrends Any upward movement of a security's price. Can also be applied to the overall market.
  Volume  The number of shares or bonds traded during a defined period.
  Writer  Someone who sells an option.
  Zero Minus Tick  A transaction where the stock price is equal to the price of the last transaction but lower than the last different price.
  Zero Plus Tick  A transaction where the stock price is equal to the price of the last transaction but higher than the last different price.
  Weak (market) A bear or falling market
  Whipsaw Rapid reversal of trading signals—usually at a loss.