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National  Stock Exchange | NASDAQ | New York Stock Exchange| Neutral| NIKKI |NYSE | Objective |Objective (analysis)| Open| Odd Lot | Offering Price  | Open Interest | Opening Price |Option |OTC  | Out of the Money Option | Outside day | Oversold |
1 National  Stock Exchange
Stock exchanges that handle securities of companies whose business is nationwide. NSE  is a national exchange.
Abbreviation for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations.
3 New York Stock Exchange
The largest and oldest securities exchange in the United States.
Over 200 years old, the New York Stock Exchange is one of the oldest continuously operating exchangesin the world. It is associated with large-cap, blue chip stocks. The NYSE Composite is often used as a surrogate for the market as whole

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Composite is an index that measures the market value of all common stocks listed on that exchange, adjusted to account for capitalization changes, new stocks added to the list, and stocks removed from the list.

4 Neutral
Where a trader holds no position.
5 Nikkei
The Nikkei 225 Stock Average popularly known as Nikkei index, is Japan's most widely watched index of Tokyo Stock Exchange. The stocks are chosen from 450 most liquid stocks from the six sectors. They are technology, banking & financial, industrial materials, consumer goods, capital goods and transport & utilities. In calculating the Nikkei 225, all stocks are assumed to have a face value of 50 yen
Abbreviation for New York Stock Exchange.
7 Objective
Refers to the result of measuring an aspect of price action with a view to predicting the extent of a likely price move. Same as target.
8 Objective (analysis)
Those parts of analysis that can be demonstrated logically by reference to facts — the opposite of subjective, where the analysis relies on the opinion or judgement of the analyst.
9 Open
The price of the first trade of a time period. If a price index is being charted, it may be the value of the index at the end of the first of the regular periods for which the index is calculated.
10 Odd Lot

An amount of stock less than the normal trading unit.

11 Offering Price
The price at which shares will be sold to IPO investors.
12 Open Interest
The number of contracts outstanding at the end of the trading day.
13 Opening Price
The price at which an IPO starts trading on the open market.
14 Option
The right to either buy or sell a stock, commodity, currency, or index at a specified price during a specified time period.
15 OTC
Abbreviation for Over the Counter.
16 Out of the Money Option
A call option where the strike price is greater than the market price or a put option where the strike price is less than the market price.
17 Outside day
A period in which the range of the latest period is entirely outside the range of the previous period.
18 Over bought
A level of price coinciding with extreme levels of a momentum oscillator above the centre line.
19 Oversold
A level of price coinciding with extreme levels of a momentum oscillator below the centre line.