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Liquidity |Listed Stock | Locked Market  | Lockup Period | Long | Long-term Gain | Low | Manipulation | Margin | Margin Call | Market Capitalization | Market Order | Market sentiment | Momentum | Momentum Trading |Moving average| Mutual fund
1 Liquidity The ability of an asset to be easily converted into cash.
2 Listed Stock A stock that is traded on a major exchange.
3 Locked Market  A highly competitive market in which the bids and prices are the same.
4 Lockup Period  A period of time when a company first goes public during which major shareholders are prevented from selling their shares.
5 Long To buy a financial instrument with a view to selling it later at a higher price.
6 Long-term Gain
A capital gain on an investment which was held for more than a specified time frame as per Income Tax  guideline. The profit is subject to long-term capital gains tax, which is usually a lower tax rate than that on a short-term gain.
7 Low
The lowest price at which a security traded during a time period or the lowest value for an index for a time period.
8 Manipulation Attempting to affect or control the price of a security through aggressive trading. This practice is illegal.
9 Margin
The amount of money that a customer must deposit with a broker to secure a loan from that broker for the trading/ investment. In the case of futures, the amount of money that must be deposited to protect the buyer and seller from default.
10 Margin Call
A call from the brokerage to the customer requesting that the customer deposit additional funds into their account in order to return the balance to its required level.
11 Market Capitalization
Market Capitalization, or market cap, is the total market value of a company i.e equivalent to number of shares outstanding multiplied by the price of the share.
12 Market Order An order to buy or sell immediately at the currently available price.
13 Market sentiment A measurement of the bullish or bearish attitude of the crowd.
14 Momentum
Momentum is the most basic concept in oscillator analysis. Momentum is the rate of change at which the market is rising or falling.
15 Momentum Trading

Short to moderate length investments that are made to capitalize on the sudden rise or drop in a stock price that follows certain technical indicators.

16 Moving average A trend following indicator which smoothes the price to show the direction of the underlying trend
17 Mutual fund An investment company that sells shares to the public and uses the pooled money to buy stocks, bonds or other financial investments.