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Hammering the Market | Hang Seng | Head and Shoulders| Hedge | High | Index | Index Fund | Index Options | Indicator | Industry | Initial Public Offering | Inside day | Insider |Institution| Institutional Investors  | In the Money Option | Intra-day | Intrinsic Value | Investing
1 Hammering the Market Excessive sale of share at the stock exchange which drives the market down
2 Hang Seng
The Hang Seng index is a barometer of Hong Kong Stock Market. It constitutes 33 blue chip stocks with commerce and industry sector having a highest weight of around 48%.The constituent stocks are grouped under commerce & industry, finance, properties and utilities sub-indexes. The aggregate market capitalisation of these stocks accounts for about 70% of the total market capitalisation on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK)
3 Head and Shoulders
A chart pattern in which there are three successive rallies which form the outline of head and shoulder pattern. This pattern is used to alert investors that a stock price could be headed for a fall.
4 Hedge 
Taking an investment position in which some investments are designed to offset the risk of others.
5 High
The highest price at which a security traded during a time period or the highest value for an index for a time period.
6 Index
A select sampling of stocks used to reflect the basic trends of the market. Example:- BSE  Sensex , NSE Nifty etc. Indexes are derived from a broader number of stocks than Averages.
7 Index Fund A mutual fund that tries to mirror the performance of a specific index.
8 Index Options An option whose security is an index.
9 Indicator Statistics which provide an indication of the trends of the  stocks,financial world or the economy in general.
10 Industry An industry is a grouping of companies in the same line of business. As opposed to sector groupings, industry groupings are more specific to the business. In India we have about 284 Industry groups.
11 Initial Public Offering The first issue and sale of stock by a company to the public.
12 Inside day
A period in which the range of the latest period is entirely within the range of the previous period.
13 Insider A person  such as an executive or director who has information about a company before the information is available to the public.
14 Institution A large organization private or public which is in the business of investing in securities.
15 Institutional Investors Foreign or Indian organization  with a considerable amount of money to invest.
16 In the Money Option A call option where the strike price is less than the market price or a put option where the strike price is greater than the market price.
17 Intra-day
.Buying and selling of stocks within a single day.
18 Intrinsic Value The amount of money that an option is worth if it were exercised.
19 Investing
The exchanging of money for a financial instrument in the expectation of an income stream and/or a capital gain. Essentially identical to trading, except the emphasis will tend to be on a longer time frame and the income stream will tend to be the prime component of total return.