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CNX Nifty | CNX Nifty Junior | Call Option | Candlestick charts | Capitalization | Capital Gain | Cash Cow  | Cash Market | Chart | Chartist | Channel|close | Closing Price | Circuit Breaker | Commodities | Commodity futures | Confirmation | Congestion area | Consolidation| Continuation (pattern)| Correction| Consumer Price Index | Covered Call Writing | CPI | Cyclical Stocks | Cup and Handle |
1 CNX Nifty
CNX Nifty  comprises 50 midcap stocks and is a market capitalization weighted Index Stocks are selected based on market capitalization and liquidity.
2 CNX Nifty Junior
The CNX Nifty Junior represents about 8% of total market capitalisation of all equity shares.
3 Call Option A call option establishes the right to buy a specified quantity of the underlying security at a specified price any time during the duration of the option. You would buy a call option if you expect prices to rise.
4 Candlestick charts Price action is displayed for a specific period of time and coded in the form of the candlesticks displaying 4 prices: open , High, Low & close.
5 Capitalization
The value of a company as measured by the market price of its common shares, multiplied by the total number of shares that have been issued.
6 Capital Gain
Difference between the price at which a financial asset is sold and its original cost (assuming the price has gone up).
7 Cash Cow
A business that generates a steady flow of cash and has no risk associated with it.
8 Cash Market Trading of securities according to their current or spot price.
9 Chart The graphical representation of market action.
10 Chartist One who has an art of analyzing  charts to  interpret or forecasting  based on predetermined methodology, science of demand and supply in market. Now generally replaced by term  ‘technical analyst’.
11 Channel In charting a price channel contains prices throughout a trend. A logical extension of the trend lines is called the trend channel. It is another useful tool in trend analysis.
12 Close The last price at which a market trades in a period. In a futures market, the settlement price is often used in place of the actual last trade
13 Closing Price The last  trading price of a stock when the market closes.
14 Circuit Breaker Measuring used by  exchanges like BSE/ NSE to restrict trading temporarily when  individual script/ BSE/ NSE Index rise by a predefined Percentage with respect to closing price. Price Band are as per the directions of SEBI received from time to time.
15 Commodities Commodities are raw materials such as gold, copper, sugar, oil etc. Traders in commodities buy and sell contracts (also called futures) for such materials. As per parliamentary approval India is going to start Online trading for Sugar within a Year time.
16 Commodity futures A contract to buy or sell a commodity at a specific price and on a specific delivery date.
17 Confirmation Two or more chart signals with the same implication.
18 Congestion area Price action over a period that is confined to a relatively narrow range and has no visible progress in price, it is also known as a trading range. Generally  price break out takes place on either side after the area.
19 Consolidation A range that allows market participants to reevaluate the market and sets the stage for the next price move.
20 Continuation
A configuration on a price chart that, on the balance of probabilities, leads to the resumption of the prior trend. Its classification is confirmed when price breaks out of the pattern in the direction of the prior trend.
21 Correction A reverse movement usually downward in the price of an individual stocks  index or the stocks market as a whole
22 Consumer Price Index An inflationary indicator that measures the change in the cost of goods and service that the average consumer purchases.
23 Covered Call Writing Writing a call for shares of stock that you own.
24 CPI Abbreviation for Consumer Price Index.
25 Cyclical Stocks Share that tend to rise during an uptrend in the economy and fall during a downturn.
26 Cup and Handle It is Accumulation pattern observed on  chart , the cup is in  the shape of U and the handle is usually more than 1-2 week in duration, that generally lasts from 4 to 50 weeks.