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"We teach gaming skills designed to help people win."

Trading is a teachable science, not an innate talent!

At training is designed to help active self-directed traders gain the knowledge and acquire the tools to approach the market with intelligence and a well -thought out trading plan. It will help you know what to do, but that is not where it ends, because knowing "what" to do is no guarantee that you'll do it. Because 85 % of the trading game is psychological in nature. We help self directed traders deal with some of the psychological and emotional challenges that every active market participant must face.
Give a hungry man a fish, and he will be hungry tomorrow; teach a hungry man to fish and he will sustain himself for a lifetime.
There is no doubt in our mind that education is the first key that unlocks the door to Investment and trading, secondly  every one must pay for the right to be winner. As a investor or trader, it will be paid one way or the other. Willingly or unwillingly. The market will certainly see to that. You will have to decide which route to adopt. We feel you should give it willingly.
Equipment, Education and Method - Three necessities for successful trading.

We give few steps to guide you to get right education for :-

Get help of personalized  quality firm that offers training program it will save years of trial and error and lost money off your development period.
Get help from  instructor who carry out the documented analysis or trade every day .
Go to a farm who teaches how to Learning to use acquired timeless piece of  knowledge in practice on variety of software. This education holds greatest value.
Go to a firm who can be in touch with  you when ever you require a second thought or conducts follow-up courses for free or nominal charge.

We strongly believe in the need for "Investment and  trading education" that we have been giving professional traders, market makers, money managers, Investors ,Day Traders, Executive Class with spare income, NRI'S Business with spare funds for investment, retired VRS employs, MBA student, CA's for jobs, career   in capital market, self employed, House Wife, Common investors and beginners who have risk capital to risk and are more than 18 Years of age.

Stockleela provides a complete educational training courses for those desiring to raise their level of market sophistication. This comprehensive course is presented on line and offline in classes and seminars conducted in all major cities throughout India, to teach individuals the art of active, self-directed trading. Our goal is to enlighten the individual  to know:

"What are the right moves to make with your money and  Skill?"
"Which are the signal to trade with your Money?"
"When to trade with Your Money?"
"How to Trade with Money?"
"Where to get more Money?"

The Method of trading we breed technical analyst, smarter better informed successful traders not only to Indian market but any market world over. We at help turn this growing breed of individuals into self empowered Investors and Traders. com is developed and designed to Educate and alert beginners, active - self directed trader and investor to the exact moment in identifying trading opportunities. delivers there combined specialized knowledge of technical analysis, skill and timing of the trade to reach individuals any where in the world at the click of the mouse. empowers the investor to make educated decisions in real time as and when ,  opportunities arise.

Timing is everything, knowledge is power and gives the self-directed trader both.

RECOMMENDED TRAINING PROGRAM FOR ASPIRING TRADER.This is a practical training program that assumes basic knowledge on the following:-
SN Description Beginners Intermediate Experts
Fundamental Analysis and Stock market operation.    
Advance Technical Analysis & Money Management.  
Day Trading.  
Options and Futurese    
Elliot Wave Techniqu  
One- On- One Traders Coaching Program.    

Serious about making  investment / day trading into a professional and lasting career,  we highly recommend you to follow this schedule below. By following this training guideline, you will be able to know what not to trade and when to trade and  become a proficient day trader in 4 to 8 weeks.

Primary objective of Trader should be to PRESERVE TRADING CAPITAL  while perfecting every aspect of the trading game. These includes:-

  1. Knowing your expectation with every trade.
  2. Super Timing entries and exits.
  3. Executing  Stop Loss with minimum damage.
  4. Understanding Stockleela's  Real time Alert  etc. is here to help you achieve your goal as a professional Trader, However do not expect to make money  during learning stage of your career even though it is entirely possible. You will have a life time to trade. shall show you the way and focus on building good  habits, discipline, backed by systems and methods through hard work and practice.

We suggest below the time frame for your reference.

Phase Description Type of Traders Time ( Week)
1 Stock Market Operation & Fundamental Analysis Beginners 1
2 Observation and Exploration. Beginners & Intermediate 1
3 Applying Theory Beginners , Intermediate& Expert 1-2
4 Tracking & Paper Trading for 90% success Beginners , Intermediate 1-2
5 Trading with Small No of shares for 90 % success Beginners , Intermediate& Expert 1-2
6 Trading with Large No of shares. Beginners , Intermediate& Expert 1-2


Successful long term trading is not for the faint of heart, it requires lions heart. Each step along the Professional Journey of Day Trading introduces new challenges to your grit, stamina, flexibility, and character. Frustration are an everyday event, change is always around the corner, and your own psychology may be sabotaging all of your efforts. Surviving as a professional trader requires the courage, Patience to see these obstacles as merely the element of the game, so you can play your hands to win constantly again and again with minimum stress, loss.