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Nerve Stimulating Experience!

Imagine working at home, living anywhere you wish, and making a good living without tension. Technological advances in  the Internet  enabling us to utilize online trading Terminal, real time Technical Analysis software, Intraday technical alert from professionals,  accessible at the click of the mouse and not to mention mobile phone alert by e-mail at an affordable service charges to small investor.

We at provides real time, on line and offline  Technical Analysis and educational service in which instructional information is delivered to help trader develop their own expectation.

Equipment, Education, and Method - Three necessities for successful trading.
Stock Market reflects the economic pulse of the world. Most traders and investors are not updated or flooded with too much of information and have no way of profiting from the input. Understanding and reacting to this information will determine your profit or loss.

Although learning the technical side of trading can be accomplished within months, acquiring the instincts and discipline of a professional trader can take years. Once again, disciplined traders learn what to do, and then actually do it. 

"We  at teach people that professional trading is an outcome of managing the technical skill and  a result of learning how not to lose, than picking winners,"

Trading is a teachable science, not an innate talent! Lets together Open the Door !!
As a method  we start with simple analysis, of whether to be long, short or out of  the market. We decide to enter, if only we get this all important question right. Being on right side of the market always pays, but to make sure you're there ,you need to develop the proper method.

 Refer our Trading system to get more insight

When it comes to investing, we only want majority of winners with explosive movement, straights, and flushes! We at Stockleela help you to find them.
Welcome to Low-Risk Investing!
Investing in stock market has risk. Taking risk is a necessary condition for all the investors. Majority of us who owned mutual funds believed that market risk was low. However, when the market goes down, mutual funds  get hit just like everything else. So what are the ways and means to invest and make money with lower risk of loss? Can we make money when the market is going up or down? That is what we bring to your focus.
How do we determine what to Buy, Hold and Sell?
We cover this in Trading System. Once we have a list of signals in the likely direction of the market we bring it to your notice through STOCK PICK  where we give you insight and analysis of market in real time and end of the day. We also use Patterns which confirms Psychology of the market to assess high odds for a move in a given direction.
Calculate Reward: Risk on every position.
For Each of the STOCK PICK we determine how far a stock should go and what is the associated risk, we then divide the two distance to get a Reward: Risk factor. You will learn about Target and Stop Loss once you subscribe to the services of Stock Picks.

Your goal is to win with your investments and your trading and that requires someone else to lose. Our goal is to help educate and provide a cost effective Online analysis  service that you can use along side your own trading.No one can be perfect in this relative and dynamic game of human psychology. But and our staff can do an excellent job of  educating, helping Investors & traders to profit in the markets while minimizing risk as much as possible.

 The stock market, as a whole, often over reacts on good or bad news about a particular stock. The "overreaction"  causes momentum and predictable oscillation patterns. The subsequent correction pattern is often very predictable giving day traders plenty of opportunities for profit. We at Stockleela guide individuals when to jump in and out of the stocks, which can move faster.. is an real time educational service in which instructional information is delivered real time vie internet,  E-Mail. We focus on what the market brings us everyday. Our goal is to help traders develop their own expectation with the following guideline / DAY TRADING STRATEGIES.


With time, system, methods, patience and good judgment, many of you will start to gain confidence in your trading abilities and start to see profit not on every trade but on majority of trades. Art of keeping stop loss will further reduce the loss to minimum. You then become successful part time trader.

When you buy something, make profit which you can be proud off, but do not quit your present Job immediatly. Stock Market is one cycle. Your technique can work beautifully for three months and then doesn't work at all for next three months. You can decide to quite your Present Job only if your system consistently profits through a variety of cycles- Bullish, Bearish, Traded Market  before you move to full time trading.

Get to Investment/ Full Time Day Trading with a minimum of stress and a maximum of profits by taking it slow and steady.

Successful long term trading is not for the faint of heart. Each step along the Professional Journey of Day Trading introduces new challenges to your grit, stamina, flexibility, and character. Frustration are an everyday event, change is always around the corner, and your own psychology may be sabotaging all of your efforts. Surviving as a professional trader requires the courage, Patience to see these obstacles as merely the element of the game, so you can play your hands to win constantly again and again with minimum stress, loss.