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Want to keep up with the latest in Stock Market Education, Technical Analysis Software and Trading solutions to the users of the Software? We’ve developed a variety of self-paced, interactive tutorials specifically for Stockleela Trading School Partners. Tutorials are offered in Educational Courses -Technical Analysis software, sales, and competitive areas.

Are You Ready? We belive in importance of your Knowledge and Education beside your capability. You must be registered Partner for Stockleela Trading School. Not registered yet? Find out more, or you can register now.

Our goal in partnering for new opportunities and deliver real business value to membersOur gole is to complement our technical and marketing expertise with true innovation in partnering, so our partners can capitalize on new opportunities and deliver real business value to the members and student and visitors. We are accomplishing this by building the best-in-class industry partner program, facilitating strong relationships, and generating results for our partners.


Types of Tutorials :-

Each Interactive Tutorial program in Marathi, Hindi, English, Kannada and other regional languages to be included at a latter date are designed for upgrading on the Educational , product knowledge and marketing expertise with simulation exercises and skills assessments to determine your proficiency level. Interactive Toturials offer content in the following areas:

  • Class Room Courses and Seminars Content on Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Future & Options, Elliot Wave Principle, Japanies Candlestick, Personalised effect on One-On- One Coaching and Importance of Mentor Program.
  • Technical Analysis Software and trading Solutions.
  • Sales and Marketing .
  • Competitive Resourses.

    Different levels of benefits and resources includes.

    Program Overview
    Get an overview of the all Stockleela partner program

    • Program Benefits
      Discover what benefits are available to you at every level of  membership
  • Program Levels
    Decide which level of participation suits your business best and earn and help you earning.
  • Enrolment
    Everything you need to know about enrolling as a Franchice.

Do you feel short of any information we will try to make it and see your confort level in understing and better handling to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

We welcome your feed back for changes if any required at our end to make grow Stockleela Trading School to reach individual at every corner of India.

To view a list of Online Tutorials developed in all languages, go to the Franchices program.

For Registered Franchice we will announce and inform you enhancements in our program if any and remind you of upcoming actions that you may need to take.