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The terms and conditions set out below constitute the legally binding Terms of Business (the "Terms of Business") between you and Stockleela Trading School ("Stockleela") upon which we are prepared to permit you to have access to, and use of, the Premium Services published on the Member Login pages of ("the Website") and to provide you with such other related services as we may agree, from time to time.

These Terms of Business supersede all arrangements previously in force between us. Request to receive access to the member pages of the website may only be made on the terms set out in these Terms of Business.

You will be entitled to become the member for free Subscription and Member Subscription only on acceptance of your request and duly receipt by you of your personal / computer generated username and pass word forwarded by Stockleela.

These Terms of Business given below contain important information regarding the way in which Stockleela will provide access to its Premium Services and Free Trial.

1 Starting Date
Terms and condition given below come into force as soon as you have received the personal / Computer generated username and password.
2 Contact
  You may contact Stockleela by E-mail: or by Phone 020 25468285.

Stockleela will assume that any instructions which have been received and are authenticated by your 'username' and 'password' are genuine, valid instructions and will act accordingly. Members should not disclose and nor be allowed to disclose 'usernames' and 'passwords' to third parties.

Members must contact Stockleela immediately if they suspect that their 'username' or 'password' has been disclosed to, or obtained by, a third party and that its integrity is threatened. Until such notification is received by Stockleela, Stockleela will assume that any instructions received in electronic form, or over the telephone, which has been authenticated by your 'username' and 'password', are genuine and valid instructions from you to Stockleela.

Stockleela shall communicate with you, at the address last notified to Stockleela, by e-mail, unless it is required to communicate in writing either under these Terms of Business or in accordance with the rules of a regulatory organization.

3 Description of Service
Stockleela may provide Free Trial or Premium Service which may be free or on chargeable bases for analysis of Indian and Foreign Stocks. This analysis may be carried out on the Bases of Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Research Report for Indian and Foreign Stocks. Analysis or observation arrived at by Stockleela are then displaced on Web Site which can be accessible by respective User name and password or forwarded through e-mail or through SMS for the following:-

(a) Stocks or Commodities in India and Foreign Companies;
(b) Futures and Options for Stocks and Commodities in India and Foreign Companies.

Stockleela may also provide other services if agreed between us from time to time.
Stockleela may, at its discretion, provide information, advice and recommendations to you from time to time on its own initiative.This site is only an opinion of its author and does not constitute any advisory to trade in any manner. Stockleela will not be under any obligation to provide on-going advice in relation to the management of your investments.

4 Companey Research, Analysis ,Articles,& Educational Material:-
The Company Research, Analysis, Articles, & Educational Material provided by Stockleela on the Website is provided for educational purpose solely to enable free trial members and subscribed members to make their own investment decisions and does not constitute personal investment recommendations. Customers are therefore urged to seek independent financial advice if they are in any doubt.

The value of investments and the income derived from them can go down as well as up, and you may not get back the full amount you originally invested. Derivatives are particularly high risk, high reward investment instruments and an investor may lose some or all of his or her original investment. Also, if you decide to acquire any investment denominated in a different currency you should note that changes in foreign exchange rates may have an adverse effect on the value, price or income of the investment in Indian Rupees or US dollars.

From time to time officers or employees of Stockleela may, to the extent permitted by law, have a position or otherwise be interested in transactions in investments (including derivatives) directly or indirectly as per analysis of our reports. Also Stockleela may from time to time provide other services (including acting as adviser) to any company mentioned in our analysis / research.

From time to time Stockleela, a member of the group and any other person connected with group may act upon or otherwise use any research recommendations before they are published and obtainable by you or other customers of Chart craft.

5 Product & Service Charges
Details of all charges and commissions payable by or to Stockleela in connection with the information and services available from Web Site are set at Product & Service Charges.

Customized service charges such as Group User License(See Sr. No 6), Dynamic Portfolio Management, Phone Consultancy, One- On- One Coaching, Mentor, tailor-made made program or any other not specifically mentioned there in are set out in a separate document (as amended from time to time) or made available after understanding the requirement from case to case bases.

6 Copyright and User Registration
Access to the restricted access pages of the Website is restricted to you personally and may not be shared with others. Whilst information extracted from the files on the Website may be used for personal research, any copying or distribution of such files in whole or in part is prohibited. Stockleela reserves the right to monitor all accounts to determine the number of files being accessed and the locations from which access is affected. It is expected that you will not access the Website from more than two locations. Access from a greater number of locations may give rise to enquiries by Stockleela and a review of your account.

Brokers, Financial Institutions, Individual organization or any other unstated organization in India and abroad wishing to use Instant Alert Service, or any other available service for onward distribution to their clients must contact Stockleela for Group User License. The license grants the organization equal number of password to access the subscribed services to bone fid customers. Please note that this User License does not permit the bone fid customers for onward forwarding of the stated services or reproduction of entire or part of the stated service. Stockleela reserves the right to withdraw this license subjected to one Week notice.

The analysis report, research articles information compiled and published by Stockleela is the property of Stockleela and may not be used except as authorized by or pursuant to Terms of Business given therein.

7 Default
If you make a default in or commit a breach of these Terms of Business and in particular fail to pay charges for services as they fall due or any other event occurs which in the opinion of Stockleela may jeopardize the positions of Stockleela, without referring to you, take such action in relation to any service as it may, in its absolute discretion, consider necessary, desirable or expedient to comply with or to perform and cancel such services.
8 Liability for Loss
Trading is a very sophisticated business requiring continuous learning and education. Stockleela shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss or damage including loss of profits, business, revenue or goodwill arising from the use, inability to use, interruption or non-availability of the Website, or any part of the Dynamic or Static report, research materials published on the Website, otherwise any loss of data on transmission, mental or Psychological damage arising out of stress and strain or any other unstated causes, events, reasons not mentioned here in.

Whilst the research material published on the Website is believed to be reliable and accurate, it is not independently verified. Accordingly, no representation or warranty is made or given by Stockleela, its officers, agents or employees as to the accuracy or completeness of the same and no such person shall have any liability for any inaccuracy in, or omission from, such materials.
The installation and maintenance of all computer hardware, software, antivirus software and communications devices needed by you to access the restricted access pages of the Website are solely your responsibility.

9 Disclosure of Information
You accept that Stockleela may be required by the provisions of any regulation or enactment of the India or elsewhere to disclose information about you or your Organization obtained in the course of our business relationship with you and you hereby authorise the disclosure of such information accordingly.
10 Amendments to Terms of business
  Stockleela reserves the right to vary any of the terms given in Terms of Business without prior notice.
11 Authority, Consents, Compliance etc
You warrant and represent (if a body corporate, partnership, unincorporated body or pension fund) to Stockleela Trading School that you are by your memorandum and articles of association, deed of partnership, trust deed or other constitutional document, as the case may be, empowered to (and not prohibited from) entering into any agreement with Stockleela Trading School incorporating these Terms of Business.
12 Foreign Laws
Access to the Website is not open to persons resident in or citizens of any territory outside the India where permission to allow such access would require any registration, filing, application for any license or approval or other steps to be taken by Stockleela in order to comply with local laws or other regulatory requirements in such overseas territory. It is your responsibility to inform yourself about applicable legal or other regulatory requirements in the territory in which you are resident or of which you are a citizen. By acceptance of these Terms of Business, you represent and warrant that neither allowing you access to the Website nor the acceptance of these Terms of Business by you will infringe the laws or other regulatory requirements or impose upon Stockleela any obligation or duty which has not been performed, fulfilled or satisfied under the laws, of any territory outside India in which you are so resident or of which you are a citizen. If you are in any doubt about your status or compliance with the laws and regulations of any applicable territory, you are recommended to take appropriate professional advice without delay.
13 Termination
The agreement between us incorporating these Terms of Business may be terminated with immediate effect on non receipt of renewal charges or any outstanding fees accruing to Stockleela.

Stockleela may additionally terminate such agreement without notice and with immediate effect on the terms referred to in the preceding paragraph, in the event that you shall at any time do anything to jeopardize the proper and efficient running of the Website or make or permit any unauthorized access to web site.

14 Further Provisions
(a) Entire Agreement
These Terms of Business embody and set forth the entire agreement and understanding between Stockleela Trading School and you with respect to the services to be provided herein and supersede all prior oral or written agreements, terms, understandings or arrangements relating to its subject matter.
(b) Joint and Several Liabilities
If several persons enter into these Terms of Business as our customer the liability and obligations of such persons shall be joint and several. If an event described as per clause 7 herein shall be deemed to have occurred in respect of any one of such persons, Stockleela may exercise its rights as set out in clause 7 without being required to give notice of such an event to any of the persons.
(c) Principal
You represent and warrant that you are acting as principal and not as agent to any other person. Stockleela shall not be bound to act in accordance with the instructions of any person other than you (but shall be entitled to act in accordance with all instructions given by you) and Stockleela Trading School shall 's liabilities hereunder shall be fully discharged by Stockleela performing such in your favor. In the case of joint customers we shall not be bound to act except in accordance with instructions given on behalf of each of you, or in the case of death, the survivors or sole survivor of such joint customers.
(d) Illegality
If any of the provisions set out in these Terms of Business is found by any court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable, such provision or part shall be deemed to be deleted from these Terms of Business and the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.
(h) Time of Essence
Time shall be of the essence in relation to all matters arising hereunder or pursuant hereto.
(i) Force Majeure
Stockleela shall not be in breach of any of these Terms of Business if there is any total or partial failure of performance of its duties and obligations occasioned by an act of God, fire, act of government or state, war, civil commotion, insurrection, embargo, failure of any computer system, prevention from or hindrance in obtaining any raw materials, energy or other supplies, labor disputes of whatever nature or any other reason (whether or not similar in kind to any of the above) beyond Stockleela's reasonable control.