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Wthout a sound understanding of formula language basics there is a restriction for the effective utilisation of software to design and creation of custom indicator, trading system and explorations.

System Testing involves the development and testing of trading systems to know, how much money would a trader have made or lost?"

Custom Formula Service for Trading System using your own Trading ideas.
Want to boost your trading result with your own trading ideas! Know how to communicate with the software with ease of use, functionality and flexibility to determine the systems' historical profitability. Then getback to us with request for Custom Formula service to help you trade smarter with our programing knowledge !
  • Get custom indicators, trading systems, explorations using your trading ideas.
  • Get your Trading system tested to know how much money would you have made or lost?
  • Get Buy/ Sell arrows for the test result with tabular report.
  • Get optimized parameters for your trading ideas to further fine tune the profitibility.
  • Get to know for a perticular script which trading system works best.

    Saves you time and money while increasing your chances of making consistently profitable trades.
    Developing profitable trading systems is difficult. One has to keep in mind that technical analysis is more of an art than science and as such no mechanical system is fullproof from wipsaw and it might not be appropriate to overfitt the system to specific set of Data.

    Get to understand Timing trading System with defined strategy by avoiding worst days or month, and participate in the best days or month and know yourself , how much money would a trader have made or lost?The Plain Truth is that it is more important to avoid the worst days or months , than it is to participate in the best days or months! Get to know all these with your predefined ideas, tailormade through Custom Formula Service.

    Stockleela Trading School cannot provide free support due to complexity in clear understanding, design, creating of custom indicator, trading system, exploration etc. However, as per the increasing demand from the user of MetaStock this service has been made available for a reasonable fee.

    Stockleela makes it easier to optimize indicators, built profitable trading system and exploration across different trading portfolios and time frames. to provides consistency, ease of use, and comparable results.

There is a Rs 500/- minimum charge.
As per the complexity of the formula We will contact you with an estimate prior to charging your.
We will ignore your request if we are not able to get your confirmation /acknowledgement.

Kindly fill the following details and add more if any to revert back on your requirement:-


A trading system is merely a combination of trading indicators assembled with specific rules as per your pre defined trading ideas.It not only makes you comfortable with your indicators to trade with ,but builts up great confidence and perform it to your complete satisfaction. You need to fill the format to inform us the detail which shall be available to you on becoming the member.