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This setup gives us an opportunity to cater the requirements from across India and global to tap (the importance of) art, skill and administrative ability of an individual across functional areas in various activities related to Stock Market Operation, Research, Fund Management, Marketing, Stock Analysis, Finance Research, Back office support, Information and Technology, Banking, Insurance, Stock Market Related Software, Sales, Services sectors etc. providing ample openings for candidates to see their future in different locations across the country so as to bring a positive difference in your life to lead both our candidates and our corporate clients into a win-win situation.

The Job opportunities, that, you just cannot miss. Make your next career move right here.

We are known as the leading Trading School and real time consultancy service for Trading & Investment in Stocks and Commodities of Indian and Global market, with unmatched credentials including:

- India's first portal to concentrate on prime jobs availability in Finance and Stock Market Operation.


  1. - Word of mouth
  2. - Releasing advertisements in leading newspapers
  3. - Searching through our vast computerized databank
  4. - Web site advertising and outsourcing through the internet
  5. - Distributing vacancy requirements through our various HR channels
  6. - Sending letters to various organization, companies, and individuals

This enables us to have very close and ongoing relationship with client on the one hand, to understand the job and professional profile for all their requirements, and culture and vision on the other hand, and to ensure a best possible fit for all levels covering all functions for their placement requirements

We make commitment to our customers: to provide them with top solutions that help them improve their business. In order to deliver to that commitment we are always looking for talented people who are willing to push their limits and perform as per discipline and strategy to do whatever it takes to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

We look for these qualities as they help us keep to our promises and deliver what we promised and when we promised. Yet a group of top-performers does not make profit or a great company and this is why we need team players and place significant emphasis on the word "shared": we work in an environment of shared ideas, shared efforts, and shared responsibilities.

If you want to work in a terrific environment at our Clients or at Stockleela where you will be able to grow professionally and your ideas will be valued, you should e-mail us your resume at

We occasionally have internship opportunities for bright individuals at Stockleela or with Clients for outstanding track records. To check program availability or to apply, send your resume to Only individuals selected for an interview will be contacted.

Working at Stockleela is fun and you will discover that yourself once you meet us.