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Dr. Neelima
Dr. Neelima More is founder of Stockleela Trading School. She carries a solid 9-year track record as a professional trader and has contributed greatly to the education of Traders through countless lectures. She is a accomplished trader, popular speaker, trainer, Mentor, Trading System Developer and a leading name in trader education. She was a lecture in Medical College and has pretty much of an entrepreneurial background.
Her methods of analysis and Training, development of Trading System, market observations and several prescient forecasts are topics of discussion among Stockleela members.
She has successfully trained over 200 traders on Technical Analysis and conducts seminars and regular Personalised courses in small groups with one-one-one Coaching on request.
Her Method and presentation formats of Real Time and End of the Day Analysis provides trading advice straight through Internet demonstrating High-Tech and cutting-edge delivery of powerful Market Analysis with Miltry Grade Signal and graphical analysis covering areas of interest suitable to all types of traders.
Dr Neelima delivers her analysis based on many facets of distinctive perspective of Technical Analysis. Most will find that process of receiving her Objective Based technical Analysis with Live market Commentary through Instant Alert not only provide clear and solid directional and risk management support, but are highly educational as well.
Stockleela also publishes complimentary and very informative Daily and Weekly Market Review and few Trader Tips for its visitors. Dr Neelima delivers her analysis based on many facets of distinctive perspective of Technical Analysis.
Driving Force

Mr. Vinayaka More, is a B.Tech Mechanical Engineer by profession and has been closely associated with Stockleela Trading School for Stock Market Analysis, Developing and testing Trading Tecnique and teaching individuals the art of Self Directed Trading and Investment.

Vinayak More belives in acquiring the Knowledge, art and skills of becoming your "own analyst,". Yes, it's challenging, but with the right knowledge, discipline, and tools, you can put what I call "the statistical edge" on your side.

Laid down the original material, coursework and design for the organization that later became Online Trading Academy, one of the finest Trading School from which Hundreds and thousends have been benifited and will continue to do so.
He has Marketed over 100 End of the Day and over 40 Real Time Technical Analysis Software of Indian and leading International brands and has trained Traders and Investors with personalised touch.
Designed and individually conducted courses for over 200 trading students and several hundred others in Lectures, Forums and Intraday participation within the Day Trading Education and Advisory Community. Over 95% of students rated the courses and lectures as “excellent”.
Worked as Regional Manager for leading Indian Company for Marketing Real Time and End of the Day Software.
Was associated with Stock Vision as a reseller for marketing Technical Analysis Software of Indian and leading International brands.
He has worked exhaustively with fundamental and technical trading. He had also worked on several Technical Analysis Softwares and marketing them and training individual on effective use. He is a firm believer of Proper risk management and proven method with discipline to win constantly over a period of time.
Member's Contribution
I like to acknowledge the significant contribution of the following member; Mr.Denish Chavan:- Contributer to site, Mr.Bhagat:- Inspiration for the site vision, Mr. Prabhu:- Feed Back for Continuous Improvement. Mr.Nayak:- Expiditer. Mr. Sarada:- Conceptualization stage to completion. Dr. Phadake and Dr. Mrs.Phadake: Valuabe Suggestion, Mr. V.K. Tonpe for guideline, Mr. Rahul Deshmukh and Nivrutti Shinde for technical support, Mr. Shinde for moral support.
I am thankful to all the participant of my various training programmes who enlightened me with their Knowledge during discuession with a strong demand to birng this presentable website to contribute towards education of market participants about the basic and expert knowledge in the specific context of Stock Market.
Top traders have an edge on the market, Stockleela help you fine-tune yours.Meet your challange with our knowledge and support to pefrorm time and again with consistency, confidence,reflex action, to profit from and Take control of your trading now!
At Stockleela Trading School you OWN right knowledge, confidence, art and skill and sound risk management principles, to let profits run while cutting losses short using cutting-edge tools, technology, Analysis Software and know-how to replace fear while providing control and freedom which once you own it, nobody can take it away... it is yours forever!
Stockleela belives that Success comes from passion, then passion drives your motivation to gain knowledge, knowledge builds confidence, and confidence replaces fear! Fear is the greatest enemy to traders and investors. Fear often destroys discipline... and undisciplined investors generally fail. While Stockleela cannot give you passion - that must come from within - those who possess this rare attribute are the ideal candidates to learn, trade and invest in this facinating world of Stock Market.